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Released: 2008
Notes: MSS Interactive
Notes and Reviews

MSS Interactive have a well-deserved reputation for filming Britain's most beautiful girls. So this collection of scenes featuring one of our most prolific porn performers (on both sides of the Atlantic) is a welcome treat. Imaginative scenarios combined with crisp and clear photography add to the viewing pleasure.

Scene one: from UK Vice Girls 6
Hookers Michelle and Frankie are booked from UK Vice Girls by horny Merlin after he has been peeping on his neighbour in her garden. In Merlin's brightly lit conservatory the girls put on a short lesbian show before jointly attacking his cock. Once Michelle sits on Merlin's cock in reverse cowgirl it's open season on the conservatory furniture, as the girls get fucked in all positions. The scene ends with Merlin wanking over Michelle's belly. Casting Michelle and Frankie together not only pairs two very sexy girls, but contrasts blonde and brunette, as well as small and large tits.

Scene two: from UK Girls Pissing 3
Another blonde / brunette pairing, with Michelle and Paige relieving themselves outside by quickly dropping their pants in an alley and pissing on the ground. The girls find a workshop for a little more intimate action. They strip off, pleasuring each other while still finding time to produce more puddles on the floor. Plenty of nice close-ups of both the pissing action and the vintage motorcycles that are the workshop's normal trade.

Scene three: from UK Student House 12
Michelle and Antonia are playing with each other in the pool, slipping fingers inside each other's bikinis, when Franki returns from a shopping trip. She seems to have bought most of the dildo stock from the local sex shop. All three girls are keen to pussy test them. To begin with the girls remove their knickers and frig themselves solo, but the stimulation soon leads to sharing ever bigger vibrators, monster dongs and double-enders. This scene is full of excellent close-ups of thick rubber and plastic sliding deeply into moist pussies, ending with three satisfied girls heading indoors.

Scene four: from Fetish Desire 1
Swingers or Bitches at an Exhibition: Ashley Long, in full length black rubber coat, is visiting a sort of art installation. She finds a 4' dildo-on-a-pole that she uses on herself. Elsewhere, Michelle stands cocooned in black rubber. Ashley discovers a couple of zips at tit height which, when undone, reveal Michelle's superb breasts. Fully unzipped, Michelle is revealed as wearing a black basque, stockings and thigh boots. Some nice girl-girl action follows with anal beads and a big butt-plug for Ashley, who is suspended in a swing harness from the ceiling. The positions are reversed and Michelle takes a dildo in her pussy. Finally, the girls sit side-by-side with vibrators, kissing each other to orgasm.

Scene five: from Orgies 2
While fucking four girls simultaneously may be every man's fantasy, it takes a strong chap to cope with Michelle and her three mates, Carolina, Viola and Paige. Fortunately, Michelle has found Jay R down at the gym. The girls strip to their trainers. While Michelle is the first to receive some cock, the others indulge each other. Four girls allow for some great set pieces as they line up in a row, bums in the air, to have their pussies lubed and fucked one after the other. A fantastic sight.

Scene six: from Fetish Desire 2
Trench-coated and with a small mask over his eyes, art critic Ian Tate is examining the exhibits when he discovers a masked Donna Marie with her mouth wide open, sitting on a chair in her underwear. Ian glances both ways and sticks his cock in her mouth for a bj, then turns her round and fingers her pussy. Michelle B. may be another installation as she watches Ian, who moves across and gets his cock sucked again. Michelle is stunning, in a sculpted fabric outfit which merges black basque, stockings and long gloves together. Donna and Michelle 69 on the floor, before Ian takes the red dildo-on-a-pole and rams it into Donna as she kneels on all fours like he's loading an 18th Century cannon. Finally, Ian fucks Michelle, who has never looked better, over the arm of a designer-white sofa. Finally doggy anal for Donna on the floor, before Ian pulls out and cums over her bum.

Scene seven: from College Virgins 2
College Virgins features a triptych of scenes for each new girl, solo, girl-girl and boy-girl. In Vanessa Hill's scenes, director Jim Slip has arranged for Michelle B to 'introduce' her to the joys of sapphic sex. It's not long before the girls are locked in a 69. Vanessa has brought a pink dildo to the bedroom and Michelle rams it into her pussy before Michelle gets a dildo of her own. Finally, both girls demonstrate the correct and satisfactory use of the double-ender.

April 2008

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