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Released: 2008
Director: Rock Charogne
Notes: Your Choice Productions
Notes and Reviews

Keira and Adam
Keira and Keiran (Adam) are having a domestic but, as the song has it, the best part of breaking up is when you're making up. So Keiran grabs Keira's tits and that flicks the switch; moments later Keiran is naked on the black leather sofa with Kiera stripped to her fishnets and suspenders (which she was conveniently wearing under her combat trousers). Fine fucking in lots of positions, not forgetting that Keira is a very flexible young woman. Anal in doggy and missionary and a reasonable facial. Exhibition fucking.

Katie and Jay
Out for a walk in the country, Jay Scarman chances upon Katie's mobile tea bar. After a mug of tea, Jay fancies a couple of baps, which Katie has bursting out of her dress. She also has no knickers on, which can mean only one thing. Jay strips and gets his cock sucked and titty fucked before he finds a cucumber to push into Katie's pussy. The pair fuck on the trailer counter in several positions (with some nice medium range shots), before Jay fills a bread bap with his baby batter.

Layla and Dave
In a scene that looks as if it was shot in LA, Layla-Jade wanders out to her pool where Jay undresses her and kisses her big tits. There is a lot of foreplay here with pussy, cock, bums and tits all getting close attention. Eventually Dave slips into Layla in spoons, following up with most other positions and concluding with a piledriver. Ends with Dave stroking off over Layla's face.

Faye and Sensi
If Sensi is Faye Rampton's pimp, she seems pleased to see him, because as soon as she's given him her cash he's pulling out her tits and licking her pussy. Still, for Faye the benefit is a good clitty licking and Sensi's generously large cock up her pussy. Stripped to her black hold-ups, Faye rides Sensi cowgirl then gets deeply fucked in missionary on the black leather sofa. Things get a bit kinky when Faye opens her cunt with a speculum and Sensi pours some wine and then the bottle in there too. Faye tries a massive dildo before returning to Sensi's cock and then a facial.

Cate, Jaye and Scott
Jayce Xaveri asks Cate Harrington to change into a crop top and short white skirt, before she auditions as a pole dancer. Cate's up for sorting Jayce's pole too and the pair slowly undress each other while sucking and licking. Eventually, when they are both naked on the floor and Cate is ready to get fucked, Jayce's landlord bursts in. He's not pleased with Jayce bringing tarts back, but changes his mind when Cate invites him to join in. Cate fucks both guys in several ways on the sofa and the floor, skipping from cock to cock in cowgirl. Cate takes two massive facials and gets hired.

Wendy and Paul
Wendy Taylor is discovered sleeping between the crimson satin sheets in a pantomime dungeon. Merlin and Warren find that she is wearing black fetish gear beneath, so they quickly tie her spreadeagled to the brass bed. Warren gets his cock sucked as the guys tweak her nipples and clamp her labia. Fucking in missionary then, slightly unbound, Wendy is free enough to take the guys in doggie, cowgirl and piledriver, followed by cowgirl DP. The guys empty their balls over Wendy's tits.

Sahara and Ben
Not much of a set up here, just Ben and Sahara fucking on a sofa. Usual extended oral foreplay while the couple get undressed, then Sahara mounts Ben in reverse cowgirl. Several positions later, Ben fucks Sahara up the bum in cowgirl and most other positions, which conclude with a decent anal creampie in reverse cowgirl.

Rock Charogne packs an awful lot in to these two and three quarter hours, but at a generally slow and unhurried pace that gives every scene a very realistic feel. The fucking feels like the cast would be doing it anyway even if Rock wasn't there to film. Rock also knows his cast and plays to their strengths. No-one can spread their legs wider than Keira in the fevered first scene, while the camera stays close to Katie Kaliana's soft and generous curves. Layla performs with minimal makeup in such a naturalistic way that one suspects a real-life pairing, while Faye's adventurous nature and hungry cunt is well accommodated. Early Cate bbg with her boyfriend playing the Landlord, while bdsm fans are catered for with Wendy squealing with pain and pleasure as each clothes peg is clipped to her lips. And just when you thought Sahara's scene was ending in a pretty tame way, whoosh - it's a creampie.

Well filmed and edited with quality sound, cast and crew on top form. Well worth buying.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

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