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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 139 mins.

Unusually for a Pumpkin film, Busty Brits Abroad is released with no credits or opening titles. Press the play button and Cathy is standing on the balcony of her sun drenched villa, her boobs hanging out of her summer dress. US star Christian Slater creeps up behind Cathy and grabs her tits. After remonstrating, she leans against the balustrade and lets him bury his face in her arse. The scene shifts to the pool side with Cathy tottering round in high heels, stopping every so often to flash her boobs and pussy. Back on the balcony and this time Cathy is in her bra and panties, her hand full of Christian's cheb. Crouching, she gives it a quick lick then bends to be taken doggy. Another change of scenery and Christian is oiling Cathy's body on a sun lounger. He lies beside her. Grasping his cock, she guides it between her legs and rides him reverse. A little deep throat action and Phil comes round to find Mrs Barry being banged from behind. Christian fires into her mouth. Cathy lets it drip from her chin.

Alexis wanders round the pool in only her high heels, touching and stroking her body. Reaching the shade of a palm, she slowly gyrates and poses. Next, we see her struggling up the steep drive in a mini dress. Christian stands at the top offering encouragement. Picking Alexis up, he carries her to a table where he fondles and bites her boobs. Jiggling her bum, Christian pulls her pants down and smears her arse in oil. A finger is popped into Alexis's bum hole. More oil is applied, this time to Alexis's tits. Her body shimmers under the parasol. Wrapping her lips round Christian's cock, Alexis inches her way down to his balls. He slips his spit covered dick into her pussy. Balancing on her heels, Alexis lowers herself onto Christian's prick and rides him cowgirl. Her boobs swing and sway in his face. She turns and falls on to her side. The two bang away. Down on all fours, Alexis sticks her bum high in the air to be fucked. She turns in time to take Christian's cum on her tongue.

The girls all share a hot tub, rubbing their bodies together as they splash about. Dried off, they spread out on the patio. Kirsten starts spraying Champagne about. Taking off their tops, more booze is squirted over breasts. The girls lick it all off. Cathy lies on the ground with Hannah munching at her muff, her boobs bouncing. She returns the compliment. Kirsten and Alexis join in the melee as fingers fly into pussies. Fizz is trickled over Cathy's bum. Hannah drinks it up. Alexis is next for the bubbly. It's poured over her pussy and the girls lap it up. Not wanting to miss out, Champagne is trickled over Hannah's clit. She laughs and giggles as she's licked. With the wine all gone, the four turn to toys to satisfy themselves. Hannah crouches and bounces on a pink rabbit while Cathy jams a vibe into Kirsten's arse. Out with the oil and all four get slippy. They end the session with a group hug.

In an emerald green dress and fishnets, Kirsten strolls towards the villa. Inside, Phil tells Christian of Kirsten's amazing boobs. He has to see when she arrives, easing them out of her dress. He plays with Kirsten's nipples. Christian heads down to her pussy and starts to lick. Pulling down his shorts, Kirsten sucks on his dick. She falls back on the sofa to be fucked missionary, then cowgirl. Down on her hands and knees, her pendulous boobs start to sway as she's taken doggy. Climbing back on the sofa, Kirsten hides Christian's cock in her cleavage. He cums on her boobs.

Hannah is the last girl to take a walk by the pool. Lifting up her breasts, she tongues at her nipples. She pulls her knickers tight into her pussy ands poses, then heads for the shade - and Christian. Slipping off her bra, she bites at one boob as Christian licks the other. Hannah notices a bulge forming in his shorts. Kneeling, she takes his cock between her lips and sucks. Holding Hannah's head, he pokes her tonsils. Making for a cane couch, Hannah jolts down on Christian's shaft then turns to ride him, side saddle. On all fours, Hannah's large loop ear rings swing in time with her tits as Christian rhythmically thrusts into her. Turning onto her back, she cossets her boobs. Christian pumps into her pussy. A little more cock riding, this time reverse, and Christian creams on Hannah's tits.

Normally Phil's films are as smooth as clockwork and choreographed to the second. Busty Brits Abroad is therefore a bit of a surprise with it's slightly disjointed scenes which don't always quite gel. Stud Christian certainly had his work cut out, having to hump four of the biggest boobed girls in the business. By the time they finished with him he deserved another holiday. Though competent, Busty Brits Abroad is like most holiday snaps: worth viewing once, then put it away.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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