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  • Booblicious Viewers' Wives
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Absolutely massive collection of scenes from Volumes 6-36 of Viewers' Wives. Mostly good scenes trimmed a bit to squeeze on to one disc. Even the poor quality can't diminish the general good quality of the action. And there are a few gems tucked away.

  1. Suzie Wildin and girl called Kathy from Viewers' Wives 42
  2. Natasha [6] fucked by boyfriend from Viewers' Wives 23
  3. Misty Day pushes plastic up her pussy and arse in the kitchen from Viewers' Wives 29
  4. Lisa Marie fucked in the garden on a swing from Viewers' Wives 18
  5. Misty Day and Valencia Diaz girl/girl in scene from Viewers' Wives 32
  6. Massive titted black girl, Silvia, fucks balding Steve on the floor from Viewers' Wives 16
  7. Esperence and Christine [10]. Hardcore girl/girl fun with strap-ons at Terry Stephen's from Viewers' Wives 28
  8. Susan and Dave and Bill in a bondage threesome from Viewers' Wives 34
  9. Marie, a buxom blonde with nipple ring, filmed fucking by Terry Stephens in the scene from Viewers' Wives 13. Hard sex on the sofa with husband includes anal creampie.
  10. Jo May, Rachel [2], Louise Levall, Kerry Nixon and Wendy-Jayne. A bevy of beauties from Viewers' Wives 29
  11. Jenny [5] and Shakina Shergold filmed by Terry Stephens from Viewers' Wives 30. For bg part of this session see Terry's naughty shorties.
  12. Jane Whitehouse post boob job but before she changed her name and gave up fucking on screen. Steve Thorpe supplies the cock. From Viewers' Wives 9
  13. Maxine Grant cleans the kitchen floor with her pendulous tits. Then she gets a leisurely shagging on the bed from partner Dave. From Viewers' Wives 30
  14. Julie and Sean, her boyfriend, fucking for Terry Stephens in South London from Viewers' Wives 21
  15. Laura Ranger/Michaels getting a fucking from Matt from Viewers' Wives 29
  16. Niki Daniels. Only the solo bits from Viewers' Wives 27
  17. Natalie Sheldon fucked by the photographer from Viewers' Wives 9 (and several other places).
  18. Randolph/Randy/Shanasty fucks familiar brunette called Lynda from Viewers' Wives 6
  19. Anne France gives and gets a tasty fucking on the floor. From Viewers' Wives 32
  20. Molly is a fat blonde housewife in red fishnets who shoves various articles up her fanny as she squats on the kitchen work surface and Karen Carpenter sings.
  21. Fabulous oiled-up black girl (Lena) shoves huge rubber cocks up her fanny with genuinely orgasmic results. From Viewers' Wives 24
  22. Karleene Morgan and girl called Janet in action on a bed from Viewers' Wives 17
  23. Busty crop-haired brunette fucks her man on a bed. Source not determined.
  24. Barbara Molineux and hubby fuck at home from Viewers' Wives 16
  25. John Mason has the privilege of fucking Laura Hermenson, possessor of one of the top 10 best bodies of all time in British Porn. No question. From Viewers' Wives 32
  26. Nicola [5] shows us just what a pity it was that she didn't do more hardcore as Steve Hooper fucks her in a hotel room. From Viewers' Wives 29
  27. Blindfolded Dawn in a body stocking gets seriously fucked by Pete wearing a stocking over his head. From Viewers' Wives 7
  28. Casey Jane fucked by John Mason from Viewers' Wives 14
  29. Jamie Squire and a very attractive large nosed brunette, Danielle, perform girl/girl for Paul. Then he and Jamie piss over Danielle. From Viewers' Wives 18
  30. Yolanda and Gary from Viewers' Wives 17
  31. Lara [2], Jackie [3], Jamila Davis and another black girl in the excellent scene from Viewers' Wives 20
  32. Tracy and Steve in the food fight from Viewers' Wives 25
  33. Lucy Gresty in simple solo and vibrator stuff from Viewers' Wives 11
  34. Huge titted, grossly fat black girl Yasmin puts massive vibrators up her pussy from Viewers' Wives 22
  35. Jo Hadfield née Josephine James and Wendy Taylor from Viewers' Wives 22
  36. Vanessa and Steve the window cleaner from Viewers' Wives 24
  37. Dawn Phoenix and Steve Thorpe fuck on a bed in a studio from Viewers' Wives 8
  38. Wonderful big brunette performs gentle finger masturbation on sofa. Source not determined.
  39. One blonde, one brunette in a black studio shoot. Source not determined.
  40. Two mature girls - Jill and Eve - go at each other with vibrators on a sofa. Then they're joined by Andrew and Dave for a fucking. Filming shared between the guys. Jill is big titted Samantha [7] in scene from Viewers' Wives 24
  41. Laura Thompson as a bewigged schoolgirl with headmaster from Viewers' Wives 26
  42. Attractive housewife with ringlets fucked on the floor. Source not determined.
  43. Dawn Slater and Jo May in BDSM hard dildo action from Viewers' Wives 34
  44. Sarah Beattie having fun with Terry Stephens in his kitchen from Viewers' Wives 19
  45. Amateur redhead in fishnet stockings is thoroughly fucked by boyfriend. Source not determined.
  46. Very attractive Rhian (as Vanessa) in extended solo action from Viewers' Wives 21
  47. Rhian fucked by Karl on a bed from Viewers' Wives 24
  48. Christine [4] solo from Viewers' Wives 18
  49. Beautiful well-spoken black Talia is fucked by photographer (boyfriend?) from Viewers' Wives 11
  50. Ellese (Louise 11) and Peter. Great sex from a good looking couple filmed by Terry Stephens from Viewers' Wives 28

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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