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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 117 mins.

Leaving Bristol behind, Phil Barry has set out across Britain, with Kieran in tow, to find the Country's naughtiest teen. Over five scenes we meet Chelsea, Crystal, Jasmine, Julie and Kelly-Marina, as Phil films his epic adventure.

In her school uniform, Jasmine has bunked off lessons and is having a sly ciggy on the fire escape when Phil and Kieran spot her. The offer of money gets Jasmine interested in the boys' project. Stamping out her cigarette, she heads off with the pair to her home. Lifting Jasmine's short grey skirt, Kieran examines her white panties pulled tight across her pussy, then slaps her bum. Stripping down to her white ankle socks, Jasmine kneels in front of Kieran and pulls his prick out of his pants. She pops it into her mouth. Kieran lies back, letting Jasmine lower herself onto his length. She moves to the sofa to be shagged from behind. A little dick licking and riding reverse and Kieran upends Jasmine to pile drive into her pussy. He hunches over as she jerks his load onto her tits.

Arriving in Derby, Kieran has been told about an extreme teen who lives in the city and promptly heads off to her house. Standing by the bins, wearing a short tartan skirt, Kelly-Marina doesn't take much persuading to appear in the film. Once inside, Kelly-Marina quickly strips and spreads out on the sofa so Kieran can munch on her neatly trimmed muff. She lets out a cry as his fingers penetrate her pussy. Kieran guides his cock towards Kelly-Marina's mouth. She pops it in and starts to suck. Kelly-Marina loses an ear ring as Kieran pulls onto his cock. Pounding onto his shaft makes her pert tits joggle. In her pink leg warmers, Kelly-Marina lies over the arm of the sofa to be taken doggy, then slides to the floor with Kieran hammering between her legs. He cums over her stomach and boobs.

Colchester, the home town of Julie, is the next port-of-call for the intrepid duo. Kieran doesn't stand a chance as Julie opens the front door and drags hem straight through to her bedroom. Pinning him to the bed, she yanks down his trousers and starts wanking his length. Lifting her T-shirt, she pushes her boobs into his face so he can suck on them. Julie runs her studded tongue over the tip of Kieran's cock, then takes the shaft between her lips. Black skirt off, she holds Kieran's head against her pussy as he licks. A finger probes her pussy. Julie is in control, riding Kieran's rod cowgirl, then twisting to reverse on the dick. The pair fall on to their sides and continue shagging. Doggy amd missionary follow, before Kieran covers Julie's boobs with his cream.

In the East End of London, Kieran finds Chelsea having a fag on the balcony outside her flat. They head indoors. Sitting on her bed Chelsea wants to see what Kieran has to offer. Bra clasp unfastened, her nipples stand erect as she sucks at his cock. Panties off, Kieran buries his face in Chelsea's fanny, his tongue darting back and forth. Easing herself onto Kieran's prick, Chelsea's body stiffens and arches as she rides him. She screams out as the pair fall into spoons. Down on all fours, she's entered from behind. The two turn round and end up fucking missionary. Screwing up his face, Kieran shoots his jizz over Chelsea's tits.

For his trip to Essex, Phil has replaced Kieran with Stefan. Arriving at the address they've been given, Crystal Pink opens the door and stands sucking at a lolly. She invites the boys in. Removing her dress, she stands in her turquoise polka-dot lingerie. Stefan undoes her bra and bites at her boobs. Knickers down, he smacks her bum. Crystal swaps the lolly for something more meaty as she swallows Stefan's cock as far as his balls. Stretched out on the sofa, clad in only her white ankle socks and shiny black pumps, she lets Stafan lap at her pussy. They 69. Holding Crystal's hips, Stefan lowers her onto his prick and lets her ride. The couple shift onto all fours for some doggy-style action. Tipped upside down onto the floor, Stefan drives into Crystal's pussy before pulling out to wank his cum onto her stomach.

Whilst Britain's Most Extreme Teens might not have the polished edge of Phil Barry's studio-based productions, its naturalistic look, combined with good performances from the girls as ravenous teens, make it a pleasurable watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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