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Released: 2008
Director: Shooter
Notes: Hustler
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Running time: 118 mins.

The start of each scene in Barrio Booty 4 looks vaguely familiar, with a girl cycling round a back garden (or yard as they say in the US) on a chrome plated chopper. But Girly Riders this is not. Once indoors, the girls are confronted with some of the gaudiest, most overpowering decor imaginable.

In her white mesh top and matching panties, Leah parks her bike at the side of the bed where a guy lies half asleep. Unzipping his pants, she pulls out his big black cock and starts to suck. Knickers off, she slides up his body and plonks herself on his prick. Illuminated by a single light which points everywhere but where it should, Leah rides away for most of the scene. In the grainy gloom she rolls over to be fucked missionary. A few strokes doggy style are followed by a few more done reverse cowgirl. The guy cums over her bum.

Unfortunately, the other scenes in the film follow the same pattern as Leah's. Poorly lit, badly shot and demonstrating deplorable taste in home decorating and furnishings. Barrio Booty 4 is not a pleasurable experience.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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