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Released: 2008
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 205 mins.

Film Erotic's penchant for holiday based movies continues with The Beach, where German girl Annette Schwartz shares her Cornish country cottage with Carrie, Jewels and Ellena.

Out selling daffodils, Annette meets Clark on the beach. After giving him a blow job, the pair head for the warmth of the cottage where they indulge in some full on sex in the bay window.

Coming out of the village store, Steve Hooper finds Carrie leaning against his car. He offers to take her for a ride. With his hand caressing her thighs, they drive up a country lane and stop in a secluded spot. Lying back in her seat, Carrie reaches out for Steve's cock. He slips his hand into her jeans. The two sit wanking. Bending over the gear stick, Carrie works Steve's shaft between her lips. She shuffles over the central console and sits on his cock. In the cramped confines of the car, Carrie wedges herself between the steering wheel and Steve, her boobs pressed against his face. Her knees round her ears, Carrie catches the horn as she bounces. Twisting, Carrie hangs half out of the car as Steve fills her from behind. Steve steps outside to finish the job, spraying Carrie's pussy with cum.

The beginning of the next scene is identical to one in Carrie goes Camping, where Annette finds Jewels drinking in her garden. Taking her to the patio, Annette puts Jewels over her knee and spanks her bum till it's rosy red. Pulling Jewel's black knickers tight into her snatch, Annette licks the glowing red cheeks. Lifting her floral dress, Annette pushes her pussy into Jewels face. Her tongue darts over her clit. Sitting back on the garden bench, Annette locks her legs round Jewel's back, forcing her into her fanny. Easing four fingers into her arse, Annette climaxes. She turns to Jewels, nibbling her nipples while her hand works away between her legs. Covered in goose pimples, Jewels orgasms.

Looking freezing cold in her boots and scarf, Ellena wanders along a blustery beach. It's night time before she arrives at Annette's cottage. Annoyed that she' s been out so late, Ellena is grounded. Steve turns up the next day to find Ellena warming herself in front of the fire, unable to go out. Undoing her short denim skirt, the pair can have as much fun indoors. Stroking Ellena's white lace panties, Steve's hands move to her boobs. Taking her top off, he buries his head between them. Ellena's hands run over Steve's cock and cradle his balls. Her tongue dances over the tip as she wanks him. Dropping onto the chaise lounge, Ellena invites Steve to lap at her pussy. He shuffles up her to take her missionary. In the most un-sexy grey socks, Ellena falls to her hands and knees to be fucked doggy. She sinks further down onto her stomach as Steve sticks his dick in her arse. A little anal cowgirl follows before Steve shoots his load over her tits.

Carrie and Jewels are sharing a can or two in the field outside the cottage. Clark meanders down to join them. Lying between the pair, their hands make for his cock. The two start to jerk. Clark explores the girls' bodies as Jewels drags her studded tongue down his shaft and over his balls. Removing her turquoise knickers, Carrie lets Clark finger her clit. She moves to sit on his face. Stripped, Jewels lowers herself onto Clark's cock. The girls look perished as Clark bangs Carrie face down in the grass, then moves to fuck Jewels, missionary. The cold scene ends when Clark cums over Jewels' pussy.

The film finishes with Annette and Steve out for a drink at the local. The two decide it would be more fun to go back to the cottage to fuck.

Like other recent Film Erotic movies, there are bits which are good but much that is not. Sam Stonehill continues his quest for the 'natural' look, using limited lighting in most of the scenes. This is just about adequate but leaves some of the action in shadow. You also have to question some of the settings. Carrie appears uncomfortably cramped in the car (perhaps a scene for those with a contortionist kink) and in most of the outdoor work the girls and guys look freezing. On the up side, Annette was hot and naughty, as were the rest of the girls. The Beach is a 'watch once' film with nothing to draw you back for a second viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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