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Released: 2008
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private
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Running time: 136 mins.

A confusing and incomprehensible story about the hunt for the fabled 'Eye of Destiny' sees the cast of Alessandro del Mar's film Billionaire taken to the four corners of the world for sex. Nesty, Katy Campbel, Loona Luxx and a host of other gorgeous girls all appear in exotic locations, while Kirstyn Halborg lounges in her South of France villa attempting to link the disparate aspects of the plot.

Sahara's scene appears to be shot in Madagascar. She offers a treasure hunter a room for the night before taking him up country to meet with someone who can interpret his map. With little to do, the two have to make their own evening entertainment. Sahara starts by slipping her boobs from her camouflaged jacket, placing the guy's hand on her knickers. Kissing, she works her way towards his pants. Pulling out his stiff prick, Sahara sucks. Dropping to her knees, Sahara's tongue explores the shaft and head. She takes him deep in her mouth. Stripped, the pair take to the bed. Sahara spreads her legs to be shagged. The treasure hunter soon shoots his load over Sahara's stomach. She scoops up the cream and licks her fingers.

Watching Billionaire, you get the feeling the film has been made up from scenes left over from Alessandro del Mar's other Private films. Whilst the film is beautifully shot and set in stunning locations, the links between the scenes, like the story line itself, are tenuous. Characters utter tracts of nonsensical dialogue in broken English before having sex, then aren't seen again. As for Kirstyn's role, that's a bit of a mystery. The best thing is to ignore the plot of Billionaire and just watch the girls and guys having hot, hot sex across the world.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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