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Released: 2009
Notes: Utopia Film Co.
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Running time: 103 mins.

Utopia Film Co. appear to have been rummaging around the cast-offs from Rude Britannia and Johnny Rebel to come up with four scenes for their film Beginner's Fuck. Three of the segments, starring Monica, Kylie and Keira, appear to be new to DVD with the fourth scene, featuring Maria, coming from Couples on Camera in Kent.

The film starts off with an eerily silent affair from Monica. She lies on the bed wearing pale turquoise blue lingerie. Pete has his arms wrapped found her body. His hands move down to penetrate her pussy. Monica strips off her bra and flicks back her long auburn hair before taking Pete in her mouth. Accompanied by creaks from the bed, the two shuffle round to 69. Monica slides down his body and grinds against his balls as she rides cowgirl. With the couple quiet but the bed squeaking and banging, the two shag spoon which evolves into missionary. A session on all fours and Monica wanks Pete's load into her mouth.

The second scene featuring Maria is a direct lift from Couples on Camera in Kent.

For Kylie's scene, foam has been tied to the bed head to stop the rattling. Perhaps if it had been attached somewhere else it may have made the action better. Quickly stripping off, Pete is ready for action! Well, almost. Kylie rubs his limp prick over her tits and down her cleavage. Bra off, she continues with her gallant effort to get him stiff as he prods and pokes her pussy with his fingers. Even this he can't get right, so he uses a dildo. The second cameraman wanders into shot. Sucking on his todger, at last there are some signs of life. Alas, it doesn't last. The cameraman comes back in view to satisfy Kylie with her toy. Attempting to fuck the flaccid phallus, Kylie gives up. A few drops of cum plop onto her tits.

It looks as if someone has dragged a bed into an empty office for the final scene with Keira. In a red plaid skirt, she kneels on the bed with Johnny. Bending her supple body forward, she takes his length between her lips. Swinging her leg over Johnny, Keira plonks her pussy on his face and the pair 69. With a phone ringing in the background, Keira mounts his cock, cowgirl. Flexing herself, she flips back. With her feet on Johnny's shoulders, she gets fucked missionary. Keira spreads her long legs to take him deeper. She turns onto all fours. Johnny moves his dick from her pussy to her arse and bangs away. A little more anal riding and Keira gets her tongue coated in Johnny's cream.

Of the four scenes in the film only the last with Keira is worth watching and even then its production is flawed, with poor lighting. As for the rest of the movie, I don't know where Utopia found the scenes, but they should have left them there. Beginner's Fuck is poor.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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