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Released: 2009
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy On The Eye
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Running time: 106 mins.

MILF movies are the 'in thing' at the moment with nearly every other release being in this genre. It's therefore no surprise to see Anna Span releasing a 'mature market' film, but from her own female perspective. Of the five women appearing, only Starr is an experienced actress. Conchita, Heidi, Jane and Karen only have a handful of films between them. Under Anna's skilful eye, all put in consummate performances.

Cougar Killer
Entering a bar, Starr perches on a stool in tight pink pants and a grey top and orders a drink from Viktor. Looking round, the place is empty. Starr leans over the bar and starts to chat up the bartender. Viktor gives her a kiss and the pair head to his private quarters. Starr wraps her legs around Viktor's body as he peels down her pants. His fingers press against her red knickers. He bends down to lick her. Removing her top, Starr sits up and unfastens Viktor's jeans. His cock flops into her mouth and she sucks it stiff. Viktor runs his damp dick down Starr's cleavage and turns her over on the sofa. Panties off and boobs swaying, she's banged from behind. The two twist round to fuck missionary, Viktor moving his prick from Starr's pussy to her bum. Back down on all fours, Starr's arse is filled doggy style. She laps at the head of Viktor's dick until he cums over her face.

Mummy's Boy
Continental Conchita arrives at a quaint country cottage to start work as a cleaner. House proud Amanda gives her instructions then pops down to the shops. Having finished polishing downstairs, Conchita makes her way to the bedrooms for some cleaning. Amanda's son Deano is woken as Conchita opens the door. Lying naked on the bed, he lets Conchita dust his cock with her tongue. Her finger probes his arse. Stripping, Conchita rubs her fanny over his face. Deano laps at her clit. Sliding down his body, Conchita eases his cock into her pussy. Turning to ride reverse, Conchita grinds herself against Deano's balls then drops on to her side to be taken spoons. Wanking on his shaft, Deano fires over her chest and stomach. Conchita works in the cream.

My Son's Best Friend
Keni turns up at Heidi's spacious apartment. He's supposed to be doing some training with her son. Chris has popped out though, so the two of them sit and chat. Telling Keni of her days as a body builder, Heidi raises her long skirt and shows her stocking clad legs. Slipping off her jacket, she strikes a few poses. Keni is impressed. Taking off his shirt, Heidi wants to show Keni how it's done. Feeling each other's bodies, they kiss. Undoing her blouse, she lets Keni lick her boobs then drops to her knees to taste his cock. The two move to the kitchen. Heidi sits on the bench, her legs spread to let Keni tongue her pussy. Heidi moans as she's fingered. Keni pours milk on her body and laps it off. The pair move back to the sofa. Stockings removed, Heidi fills her face with dick. Keni rolls a rubber onto his shaft. Doing the splits, Heidi sinks down on to it. The couple rock as Keni hammers home. On hands and knees, Heidi is taken doggy. Keni pulls out and sprays his load over her bum.

Diet Cock Break
Stefan is busy decorating an office while work mates Karen and Tracy ogle and chat him up. The girls wonder - will he, won't he? Tracy leaves Karen alone with him to find out. Splaying her legs, Karen shows what's on offer and tells Stefan she's hot. Taking the hint, he kisses Karen and carries her into the back office. Kneeling between her legs, Stefan tongues at Karen's spotted panties. Her breasts heave beneath her tight jersey dress. Karen gently rocks as her pussy is probed by his fingers. She holds Stefan's head as he licks at her. Pulling down his pants, Karen pops Stefan's shaft in her mouth. He removes her grey dress and thrusts his cock past her spotty knickers. Mounting Stefan cowgirl, Karen's big boobs bounce over his face. She drops down to be taken doggy. Jabbing away, Stefan's cock twitches as he fills her with cum. As it trickles out, Karen rubs his spunk over her pussy lips.

Boy Next Door
Having moved into a new flat, Jane meets her new neighbour Roger. She invites him in for a cuppa. As the two talk, Roger admits he has a thing for older women. It's something to do with their experience. Jane thinks she may have a few things she could show him and pops upstairs. In her sexy black lingerie, she beckons Roger to the bedroom. The two press their bodies together and kiss. Unfastening Jane's bra, Roger paws at her boobs. His hand moves to her fanny and plays with the pierced lips. Kneeling on the bed in her stilettos, Jane is fucked by Roger's thumb. She turns to take his dick in her mouth. Lying back, Jane wraps her legs round Roger as he enters her missionary. Turning Roger on to his back, she rides his rod. Jerking at Roger's staff, he shoots his load. Jane licks the tip of his cock clean.

For those familiar with Anna's movies, she has slightly changed the structure of Be My Toy Boy. Gone are the title sequence after each vignette, which gives the film more flow. So far as the scenes are concerned, Be My Toy Boy is Anna at her best. The build ups are naturalistic and nicely paced and the action is erotic and hot without going over the top. As a bonus, the DVD comes with a 46 minute 'behind the scenes' documentary where Anna, the stars and the production team talk about the film. A great extra. At a time when shelves are groaning with MILF movies, a film has to be special to stand out. Anna Span's Be My Toy Boy is that film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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