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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films, widescreen
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Running time: 106 mins.

Any purchaser of Bluebird's Gangbang Volume 1 who cracks a smile upon seeing Natalie Heck's name in the title credits is going to be disappointed, as she's not in it. The film does however have Europeans Diana Gold, Eve Black and Gabriela Glazer, alongside busty Danielle Derek from the States and Britain's Cyprus Isles.

Clark, Keni and Viktor are sitting round in a bar when Cyprus arrives, wearing a shimmering purple top and skirt. Noticing the boys, she climbs onto their table to let them finger her pussy. Her boobs out of her bra, the boys enjoy a lick. Clark prefers to head for her pussy. Cyprus feeds Viktor and Keni's chebs between her lips as her pussy and arse are tongued. Moving to the bar, Cyprus bends over the counter letting the boys take her from behind. Her moans are stifled by Clark's and Keni's dicks. Bathed under changing lights, Cyprus appears green, then blue, then red, as the guys finger her arse. Keni slips in his cock. Eventually, the boys cum over a kneeling Cyprus's face and tits, leaving her spattered with their spunk.

Trying to cram six scenes into a film of just over 1½ hours means everything is rushed. The first scene, starring Gabriela, lasts a little over 12 minutes. By the time the action starts the whole thing is over. She at least makes a second appearance. Not so for the other girls whose sessions are over in a flash. If you want a quicky gangbang then this film fits the bill. I prefer something with a little more content.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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