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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films, widescreen
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Running time: 97 mins.

In one of their first DVD releases, Bluebird have pulled together an impressive line up of girls from both sides of the Atlantic, including the internationally renowned Rita Faltoyano. The American girls Trina Michaels and Carly Parker, together with big breasted Canadian Amy Anderson (appearing as Amy Azurra), complete the overseas line up. Michelle Thorne, Hannah Callow and Aaliyah (as Kaia Kane), along with newish girls Cindy Behr and Tanya Cox, provide the British interest.

In an American style diner, Carly Parker stands in a strange silver outfit. Trina serves behind the counter, wearing a tight pink latex uniform. Lifting her boobs out, Carly smothers Alex Metro. Trina joins in, popping open her stretched pink top to let customer Tony James grope her tits. At the side of the cafe, Michelle Thorne sucks on a cock. Rita Faltoyano peels off her black PVC and starts to finger herself. In a collage of shots, Carly, Trina and Rita occupy themselves with Tony and Alex. After sitting on Carly's face, Michelle busies herself with swallowing dick. Propped up against the counter in her red topped black stockings, Michelle feeds a faceless guy's prick into her arse. With the three well fucked, Alex and Tony jerk their loads over girls' boobs. Away from the crowd, Michelle coats her tongue with cum.

Aaliyah finds herself in a candy pink and puce bedroom with Keiran by her side. A quick lick of his dick and she's lying on her side with a cock hammering away at her pussy. In a series of disjointed shots, one minute Aaliyah is lying on her back, the next she's riding cowboy. After flashing back and forward through various positions, Keiran showers Aaliyah's boobs with spunk. She turns to see a blue clad Amy Azurra coming out of the wardrobe!

Aaliyah and Keiran find themselves in the diner where Victoria Paris, dressed as a maid, is sucking on Tony's cock. Beside the pair, Jay parts Cindy Behr's pussy lips and probes it with his finger. With her 40 inch boobs out of her dress, Amy lets Keiran lick her nipples. The montage of images continues with Victoria being spit-roasted and Aaliyah taking some man meat between her thighs. She curls her lip as Keiran pumps in. Lying on a table, Cindy receives some more fingering before eventually being fucked by Jay. Kneeling on a steel chair, Aaliyah is fucked doggy. In the background, Victoria tackles two boys. A flurry of tugging and the boys cum over boobs and faces.

Jay and Keiran have been thrown out with the rubbish. Finding the boys, Amy has to shag the pair of them.

Clad in red latex, Tanya Cox wanders round a cage where Keni is held captive. Releasing the catch, she drags him towards Amy who is fastened face down on a leather covered box. Unzipping Amy's tight shiny dress, Tanya gets Keni to lick her arse. As he sucks she reaches for his cock and starts to milk, then moves him so she can get at Amy's pussy and bum. The girls run their tongues over Keni's prick and swallow. He stuffs his damp shaft into Amy, doggy. Tanya spanks his arse as he fucks. Released from her handcuffs, Amy assists Tanya, placing Keni on a chair. The two take turns slamming themselves down his dick. Amy stands aside to finger herself, letting Tanya grind against Keni's balls. After firing his load over Amy's tits, Keni is locked back in his cage.

The final scene sees Aaliyah, Amy and Hannah Callow in a garage with Ian Tait and Roger. Aaliyah fills her face with cock, leaving Amy and Hannah to nibble at each other's nipples. Roger gets his cock out for the pair to taste. The girls 69, their big breasts pressing against each other. Roger wanders back and forth, rogering the duo. As with the other scenes the action becomes fragmented. To begin with, Aaliyah is riding Ian and then the next moment he's banging Hannah, doggy. With all having had their fill of pussy and cock, Roger empties his balls over Amy's boobs and Ian shoots on to Aaliyah's stomach.

With a cast full of stars, Blonde Confessions is disappointing. The scenarios for the scenes are surreal and why the diner as a set? (aside from the fact it looks cheap). The editing doesn't help either with the constant chopping of girls, guys and positions breaking up the continuity of the action. And for the amount of time that we saw Rita, Michelle and Cindy in their respective scenes, they may as well not have been there. Even Victoria Paris's work was somewhat curtailed. Aaliyah fans fare slightly better, as do those who like the asymmetrically breasted Amy, as both feature more heavily. By the end of the film it wasn't so much Blonde Confessions as Blonde Confusion. This has to go down as a miss in my book.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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