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Released: 2009
Director: Juan Cuba
Notes: Red Light District
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Running time: 180 mins.

Over five scenes, director Juan Cuba teases and taunts his leather and latex clad dominatrixes and their submissive slaves in this all girl film. Dana de Armond, Kristina Rose and McKenzie Price, among others, play the roles of mistress and subservient girls.

No guesses as to which role Sophie takes in her scene with Paris Gables. Strolling round the room in a black latex basque and thigh length boots, Sophie looks at a gagged and blindfolded Paris imprisoned in a cage. Getting Paris to turn around, she sees that her bum is filled with a big glass plug. She slaps her arse and boobs then drags her across the floor to a large round sofa. Pulling out the plug, Sophie laps at the gaping hole and slips in a finger or two. With the blindfold and gag removed, Paris is laid back and a big glass rod is pushed into her pussy. Peeling down her panties, Sophie forces her fanny into Paris's face and runs her clit against her nose as she tongues away. Standing, Sophie grabs the glass toy, pounding it into her pussy until she squirts. The pair kiss.

The girl-on-girl action in this film may be hard hitting and hot, but it's spoilt somewhat by Juan Cuba. Not content to direct quietly from behind the camera, he's a little too keen to join in the action, with his hand groping out from behind the lens, accompanied by shouting. A bit of a pity as there are ten very good girls in the movie who are quite capable of performing without Juan's instructions.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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