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Released: 2009
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 103 mins.

Re-editing and re-cutting the girl-on-girl sections from Amateur Orgies: Party Bar Special, Fuck Buddies and Only Girls Allowed, Rude Britannia have come up with a mongrel of a movie in Britain's Hot Talent: Only Girls Allowed.

The film kicks off with a section from Party Bar Special where Keeley and Imagen indulge in a little pussy play in a sparse, unevenly lit bar. As the girls lick and finger one another, the shadows of the photographers fall over their bodies. A jade vibrator is produced and the place erupts with the click of cameras and the lightning of myriad flash guns. The pair poke and prod.

Following on, the second scene is also lifted from Party Bar Special, this time featuring Olivia and a masked Leah. As before, the camerawork and lighting are appalling, with out of focus shots and lots of views of the backs of the girls' heads.

Claire and Lacey are shot at home sitting on the sofa. The girls kiss and caress while the cameraman wanders in front of them. Things do get a little better as the action progresses, although the second camera still pops into view as the two strip and lick at each other. Grabbing a vibrator from the table, both try it out between their legs. With glances to the cameraman (or what's on the telly) Lacey lies on the floor in black fishnet stockings and white stilettos and lets Claire lick her. A session of 69ing ensues and then the scene ends.

Dark and grainy, the final scene is a four way orgy involving Donna, Paige, Rachel and Tilly, originally released in the 2006 film Only Girls Allowed.

The camerawork and production values of this film are deplorable. The editing is haphazard, arms and legs keep appearing in shot and the colour balance is non-existent. One moment the girls look jaundiced / orange, the next anaemic / white. Britain's Hot Talent: Only Girls Allowed is a film to run a mile from, if not two.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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