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Released: 2007
Notes: Anabolic
Alternate Titles
  • Nasty Girls 35
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 129 mins.

Nasty Girls is one of Anabolic's most successful gonzo series, featuring hot girls from all over the world. Brits Ashley Long and Scarlet Haze have headed to the States to star alongside Gilda Roberts, Audrey Hollander and Myra Hill, in Volume 35.

Pressed close together on the sofa, Ashley and Audrey Hollander chat about work they have done together. The talk of sexy antics gets them feeling horny and their hands start exploring each other's bodies. Soon tongues are out. Ashley licks her way down, from Audrey's boobs to her pink panties. Peeling them off, she probes her pussy and arse. Audrey also wants to dine on muff. Pushing her mouth against Ashley's pussy lips, she licks. Ashley lies back and spreads her long, long, legs, letting Audrey ease a glass rod into her damp hole. The two screw round on the sofa to 69. With Audrey on all fours, Ashley make her moan with the glass rod in her arse as she laps her juices. The two cuddle up together as the scene ends.

Kneeling in her steel-spiked boots and short plaid skirt, Scarlet caresses Cynara Fox's thighs through her laddered and ripped stockings. Lifting her top, Scarlet starts to suck at Cynara's pierced nipples. She falls forward to be spanked. Lolling back, Scarlet slips down her knickers, allowing Cynara to lick at her shaven snatch. Rolling over, Cynara's tongue wiggles and pokes at Scarlet''s arse. She wrinkles her nose as a finger enters her bum. Lubing up a purple rabbit, Scarlet holds it against Cynara's clit then slides it into her pussy. A pink toy is set to pulse away inside her arse. Filled with a long glass rod, Scarlet works herself into a frenzy and orgasms.

Anabolic's recipe for Nasty Girls is to keep it plain and simple and let the girls do their thing. Whilst it doesn't produce the most innovative content on the market, this uncomplicated approach is a formula which works to produce two hours of decent entertainment.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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