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Released: 2009
Director: Philippe Soine
Notes: Soho Books
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Running time: 90 mins.

Soho Books have made the occasional foray into the world of movies with mixed results. The Book is slightly different from their previous releases, with director Philippe Soine blending a selection of newer girls with more established stars, over five scenes.

The book lies open in the middle of a crimson painted room. Kelly-Marina approaches in a black lace dress and high heeled sandals. She kneels and starts to read.

Chapter 1
Tia, wearing a fishnet body stocking, massages her feet, then straps on a pair of shiny, black shoes. A slightly sinister looking Tony lurks in the shadows as Tia caresses her boobs. He steps closer. Tia runs her hand over her mesh encased pussy. Teasing him, she slips in a finger, then pops it in her mouth. With Tony by her side, she throws back her head and licks her lips. He puts his hand under her chin. Pulling out his dick, Tia gently strokes its length. Breathing heavily, she takes the tip between her lips. Tony groans as it goes deeper into her mouth. Taking his place on a black chair, Tony eases his cock through the mesh and lowers Tia onto his shaft. Reaching round, he fondles her boobs as she slowly gyrates on him, reverse. Leaning over the chair, Tia is entered from behind. Her breasts and long blonde hair sway as Tony rhythmically bangs away. Open-mouthed, Tony jerks his jizz over Tia's face.

Chapter 2
Sitting in the bathroom in her PVC basque and tights, Jewels lick her lips as she rubs her pussy though the nylon. Easing down the zip, she slips her tits from her top. Her hand plunges into her nylons to play with her shaven snatch. A prick appears beside her face. Grabbing hold of it, her tongue flicks over the tip. Still tugging at her pussy, Jewels feeds the cock between her lips. The guy steps back as Jewels stands up. Sliding down her tights, she climbs into the bath. Re-doing her red lipstick, Jewels scrawls a message on the side of the bath: 'Cum On My Face'. The guy does just that.

Chapter 3
On a small white table beneath a picture of Audrey Hepburn, a girl sits straightening her stockings. Her fingers continue up her thighs and she plunges them into her pussy. A guy walks towards her, cock in hand. She grabs it and starts to wank. Her tongue darts over the tip. The girl takes it between her lips. Falling back on the table, she guides the cheb into her pussy. Kneeling, she is taken doggy. Dropping to the floor, the guy spatters her face and boobs with spunk.

Chapter 4
Keira beckons the camera to come closer as she lounges on a black and white striped sofa. Beside her, Janca draws on a cigarette. Opening her legs, Keira reveals that the crotch of her fishnets has been ripped out. She starts to stroke at her pussy. Janca moves closer. The girls' tongues meet as they kiss. Licking at Keira's boobs, Janca's hand makes its way to her pussy. Parting her lips, she eases in a finger and teases her clit. Down on all fours with her bum high in the air, Janca's arse looks inviting. Tearing through her nylons, Keira works her long tongue over Janca's pussy and bum. Trapping Janca on the sofa, Keira sits on her face. A dick turns up for Keira. After a quick lick she decides she prefers Janca's finger in her pussy. Calling the boy back, the two tug and suck till he showers the pair with his cream.

Chapter 5
Still reading her book, Kelly-Marina is surprised by Pascal. Looking back at the page she's on, she sees herself in the hall dressed in black bra and tights. As Pascal approaches, Kelly-Marina presses herself against the wall and paws at her pussy. Tights half down, her finger enters her damp hole. Kelly-Marina leans forward to lick at Pascal's prick. Turning her round, he bangs her from behind. Hooking his arm under Kelly-Marina's leg, Pascal continues to hammer away till he cums over her pussy. Scooping up his spunk, she licks her fingers.

Standing, Kelly-Marina walks away from the open book.

Sexy and stylish, with stunning girls, The Book is Soho Books best film to date and challenges some of the best on the market. The only thing missing is a cast list. Let's hope Soho releases many more titles like The Book.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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