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Released: 2010
Director: Axel Braun
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 119 mins.

Parodies and spoofs are the order of the day in the States, with most of the major studios producing their own porno take on TV shows and films of the 60s, 70s and 80s. With Axel Braun behind the lens, Vivid have turned their attention to the cult classic Batman. Not the dark and brooding recent film versions, but the tongue in cheek 'Spat!!!' and 'Kapow!!!' TV series starring Adam West and Bert Ward.

When multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne's girlfriend Kimberly Kane is kidnaped by the fiendish Riddler, Gotham City's chief of police is left with no alternative other than to pick up the red phone and call Batman.

Locked in the Riddler's lair, Kimberly is sure that help will soon be on its way. To while away the time and occupy her evil captor, Kimberly hones her cock-sucking and fucking skills.

Hoping to pick up a lead on the whereabouts of Miss Kane, Batman attends a disco known to be frequented by the underworld. Riddler's moll Alexis Texas makes a beeline for the super-hero and starts to chat. Holy Smoothy! She spikes his fruit juice, making him lose his inhibitions - and bat pants.

With Batman captured, Robin enlists the help of Batgirl (Lexi Belle) and heads to the Joker's den for clues. Not only is the Joker at home, but so is top feline felon Catwoman (Tori Black). The two hide as they hear the plans for Batman's demise. Before Batman's death, the Joker decides on a little fun. Robin tries to shield Lexi's eyes as assistants Syren and Andy San Dimas tug at the Joker's trousers to get at his cock. Stripping down to her sexy red lingerie, Andy fingers herself while Syren sucks at the master criminal's cock. The girls swap places, allowing Syren to disrobe. The girls sit at the Joker's feet and pull at his prick. Andy stands and slowly sinks the length into her pussy. Wearing only calf length black boots, it's Syren's turn to climb onto the cock. She bounces and gyrates. With both of his girls on all fours, the Joker bangs away at the pair, doggy. The two turn. Laughing, the Joker jerks his jizz into their mouths.

Robin has seen enough of the Joker's debauched goings on. Lexi is not so sure and wants to try some of the moves herself. His pants off, Lexi sees why he's the boy wonder.

The Riddler drags a tied-up Batman and Kimberly to the Joker's hideout just as his henchmen capture Robin and Lexi. Is this the end of the Dynamic Duo??? Catwoman catches a glimpse of something rousing beneath Batman's utility belt and slips off his ropes. Kaplat!!! Thunk!!! The Caped Crusader and his sidekick overpower Riddler and the Joker. Batgirl and Kimberly are sent to the police station with the crooks. Batman and Robin have some special justice to deal out on Catwoman's pussy ...

Is it over??? Wait and see!!! Same Batman XXX time... Same Batman XXX channel...

For a spoof or parody to work it has to be done well and Batman XXX is possibly the best there is. Dale DaBone as Batman and James Deen as his ward have the look, feel and intonation spot on. While Evan Stone (Riddler) and Randy Spears (Joker) give master classes in the art of overacting as the arch criminals. And with a soundtrack and visual effects which mimic the original series, not to mention a host of hot, hot, girls, as well as a cameo from Ron Jeremy, Batman XXX has just about everything right. An award winning contender.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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