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Released: 2010
Director: John Walton
Notes: 21Sextury
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120(+) mins.

Over the past couple of years 21Sextury have produced some of the best European vignette films, featuring many of the sexiest continental girls. Now the hottest British talent are making their presence felt, with Karlie Simon and Michelle Moist appearing in Basic Sexual Instinct 2.

Who Wants to be the Next Top Model
Standing in front of her dressing room mirror, Michelle finishes her lipstick and is ready for her big photo shoot. Leaning forward, her red dress slightly rises to reveal the tops of her stockings and her bum. Out on the studio floor, Michelle strikes a few poses for photographer Kid Jamaica. He encourages her to hitch up her skirt, giving a flash of skimpy black knickers. Peeling down her top, Michelle gives Kid an eyeful of her boobs before dropping to her knees between his legs. There is a look of surprise when his big black prick springs from his pants. Wrapping her fingers around its girth, Michelle pops it in her mouth. The two head over to the sofa. Michelle feels Kid's fingers in her pussy as she sucks at his dick. Her knickers off, Michelle spreads her legs as Kid forces his face into her fanny. She lowers her wet pussy onto his shaft, cowgirl. The pair fall onto their sides. Michelle continues to get fucked spoons. She straightens up to ride reverse. Hammering down on Kid's dick, Michelle rocks and gyrates. His body stiffens and his balls twitch as he pumps his load into her pussy. Standing up, Michelle lets Kid's cream drip out.

Lets Play Dirty Maid
When Lauro employs Larissa Dee as his new house maid she provides more than just a cleaning service.

Fuck My Sweet Pussy
Tattooed Melon has something special in mind when she goes round to boyfriend Gerry's place.

Bored? Lets Fuck
Slim and sexy Amy has nothing to do at home until Bob turns up.

After an argument with Leslie, Salome decides to calm things down with a long, hard shag.

Heat Up
In a luxurious bedroom, Karlie sits in front of the mirror admiring her sexy black lingerie and stockings. Lauro wanders in and places his hands on her shoulders. Turning, Karlie notices a bulge in his pants and unzips them to investigate. Lauro's dick is level with her mouth. Grabbing hold, she starts to wank his cock before easing it past her lips. Karlie's blonde ringlets sway as she feeds Lauro's length down her throat. Losing her knickers, Karlie lies back on the bed. Lauro's tongue dances and darts over her clit. Moaning, she wraps her stocking clad legs around his neck and pulls herself tight into his face as he licks. The two tumble onto their sides. Lauro slips his shaft into Karlie's snatch. Turned onto his back, Karlie slowly sinks Lauro's dick into her bum and rides. The couple change position, with Karlie on all fours to take Lauro doggy-style in her arse. Ready to cum, Lauro shoots his load in Karlie's mouth. She smiles.

The only grumble I have with Basic Sexual Instinct 2 is the clumsy scene navigation on the DVD menu. Apart from that, the film is beautifully shot with hot, hot action. Director John Walton hits the spot with another fine film for 21Sextury.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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