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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Carly is out bicycling in the forest, stops for a pee and is observed by three male cyclists. They follow her and a gang bang ensues including DP
  • Wendy [1] - 'After Dinner Drinks' - is at a table with two men. A waiter pours her wine. She takes a fancy to him and looks for permission to one of her fellow diners. She then sucks him off. He leaves and the two fellow diners have sex with her
  • Lesbian scene between Sarah Horky and Lesley (mature brunette)
  • Carly and three men - 'Beach Balling'. She is spotted sunbathing topless in the dunes by three men playing ball on the beach. They throw the ball near her so that they can get closer while fetching it. She welcomes their attentions and a gang bang ensues. (It looks as if one of the men was not up to the task. She is fucked from behind while he lies underneath her with a limp penis. The position looks as if a DP was intended)
  • Lotte - 'Sink the Pink'. She is a barmaid in a bar with two male customers and a snooker table. She sets up the balls and they begin to play but soon lose interest in the game when she begins to grope one of them. This scene ends with her sitting over the corner pocket with open legs while they aim the pink at her pussy. Cut to the pink ball entering her, beginning as a graphic. Cut to her ejecting it (with no hands) onto to the table, simultaneously squirting onto the green baize. This last was evidently unexpected as the performers laugh in surprise

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