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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Fucking Weather. Carly seduces two pool cleaners
  • Erotic Art. Nikkita (Amber) is posing for three male artists. One moves to join her and they have sex. Then another does likewise to be joined by the first one. Then the third joins in
  • Coffee Break. Wendy [1] is typing at the computer in an office, a male walks in and they make love. Another male enters and asks what is going on. Wendy tells him to join in. He takes over, then the first joins in
  • The Factory. Jackie (thin, blonde, specs) arrives late for work at the factory (not a very well-populated one, rather a set of workshops). She is told off by the boss and then comforted by a worker in a storeroom. They have sex. She wanders off in a state of partial undress to a workshop and has sex with a second male. This is observed by other workers. She then moves to another workshop to have sex with two more men. The second male joins in and then the boss arrives and joins in, then the first. Ending up with her being surrounded by five men. They don't all have full sex with her at this stage
  • Condom Chemist. Danni (Danielle Kelson with black hair) is a chemist's shop assistant. While she is on a ladder reaching upper shelves, two men walk in in search of condoms 'something a bit different for a party'. She shows them the stock and suggests they try some! While they are having sex with her, including cumming in a condom and dripping it over her bum, a third male walks in. The scene includes anal
  • Trailer for volume 5 shows Carly (2 scenes, one with blonde hair), Nikkita in a lesbian scene with an unidentified blonde, joined by a male, possibly a second unidentified blonde and a brunette who might be fat Sarah from volume 2

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