< The Cannes Sex Fest

Released: 1993
Notes: Silver Foxx
Notes and Reviews

Video obtained from Danskfoto, picture fuzzy, but only to be expected as this is an old video.

German dubbed sound, but this seems very basic and Cannes has nothing really to do with it, apart from featuring in a couple of links.

Female cast: Taylor Wayne, Louise Armani, Naughty Nancy, Jasmin Jones. Louise has the biggest role, however.

  • Dick Nasty and Shuree Bengal, standard sex scene on bed to facial (this is probably 'Jasmin Jones')
  • Brunette (who is probably Naughty Nancy and may be a Brit) with male in bedroom to facial
  • Louise Armani and Dick Nasty, a longer scene than the first two, but still routine, to facial
  • Taylor Wayne and Dick Nasty in a car and possibly even in Cannes, a short scene
  • Dick Nasty and another man on a boat - one of the links included to make you think this is being shot in Cannes
  • Louise and the brunette, lesbian scene on bed (short)
  • Dick Nasty and Louise on the beach, he rubs in sun tan cream and gropes her. They then move inside and have a threesome with another bloke
  • Shuree Bengal and black male on bed

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