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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Fantasy of Four - Carly and four men including a DP
  • Moving In - Jamie and male
  • Car Park Encounter - Nikkita (Amber) and her 'husband' arrive in the upper storey of a car park in a taxi. They ask the driver to wait and go down the staircase but begin groping each other on the staircase. The driver gets fed up waiting and follows and peeps on them. They desist and are driven home. The driver then sneaks back and peeps on Nikkita again while she is having sex with hubby. The driver sneaks in when the husband leaves and takes her from behind, she thinking it is her husband
  • One for the Ladies - Amber and Jamie being photographed - lez
  • Country Capers - Sarah [2] and one man in country, spied on by another who takes over when the first leaves
  • Damp of Course - Sarah [10], blonde, tattoo left breast, and three men - two men inspecting the damp in the bedroom and her husband
  • The Service Bay - Carly (dyed blonde) gang banged in the garage by three men and then a further four

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