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Review copy courtesy of Hard Core Café - a compilation of short clips from scenes mostly involving British girls.

There are too many scenes to describe them all in detail, but an attempt is made to give a flavour of most.

  • Misty McCaine. First a short excerpt from her videoangels video with Rebekah Jordan - kissing in the garden and slightly harder action on a bed - shame on HCC for not identifying Rebekah Jordan here. Then the facial from American Buttman in London, and what a fine facial it was.
  • Sarah Young fondles Sean Michaels' erection in front of an open fire. They proceed to bj, anal in the doggy position and then sex in the missionary position before he cums over her belly. Source film not identified.
  • Laura Turner and Lisa Stretton take on David Perry and another Euro-stud respectively on a couch. They go through a variety of positions including reverse cowgirl anal. Lisa takes a DP before Laura takes over with Lisa's original stud then Laura is DP'd. They probably take a facial each, but we don't see Lisa's. Film unidentified, but has a German soundtrack. A very good scene.
  • Kirstyn Halborg attends as a redhead is fucked (brief). Then we see Kirstyn giving a blowjob and fucking a guy who looks like Randy Spears in a warehouse - includes anal and facial. Film unidentified.
  • Lana Cox in part of the scene that was included in Shag, Gobble and Spunk - blowjob, fucking and facial. She looks as good in this scene as in any of those of hers that I've seen.
  • Vida Garman in schoolgirl outfit taking a caning. This is clearly real - one can hear the swish of the cane and the weals must have taken some time to heal. Personally this sort of stuff puts me off if anything.
  • Samantha Jane Homden in part of a b/g scene, probably from A Date With Samantha Jane, to facial.
  • Tamsin le Vann, looking great, in one of the b/g scenes from The Love Song I think.
  • Pamela Anderson, from the on-the-boat part of her home video.
  • Nici Sterling in a b/g scene on some patio or other with a bloke in denim shorts who looks as if he has just escaped from one of the Survivalist camps they have in the States. This starts with a blow job and goes on to fucking in various positions and ends with a facial. She has the longest, pointiest tongue in the business and she uses it to great effect. Who knows which of the hundreds of her films this one is from?
  • Linda [6] and Marino from the Angels video - so here's your chance to get it if you missed it the first time. The sex on a bed begins with a bj and ends with a cumshot over her tits. He wipes up the cum with his cock and puts it in her mouth.
  • Hayley Russell and Donna Warner take on a German male together with a little lesbian action first. I think I've seen stills from this before, but not the film.
  • Georgette Neale, from another German film, teases two men (one is David Perry) who are sitting on the floor facing her as she spreads her legs on a couch. This includes bj and deep throat, and few can do that like her.
  • Gilly Sampson and Janey Lamb with Rocco and Joey Silvera from Buttman's British (Moderately) Big Tit Adventure. This was a very good scene and well worthy of inclusion here.
  • Sarah Daniels - rare b/g footage of her from her Buttman appearance.
  • Ann Marie Dixon - part of her only b/g appearance from Chicks on Heat - more rare footage which might now be difficult to come by from anywhere else.
  • Nikki Platts takes on a stud while Dawn Phoenix watches - includes anal. I've not seen this film, but it is probably listed.
  • Dawn Phoenix and male possibly from the same film to cumshot over tits.
  • Roxanne Hall takes on American porn veteran Mike Horner to facial, a routine scene for her, but she looks very good.
  • Part of Hannah Callow's b/g scene from Pralle Melonen.
  • Stacey Owen strips while watched by a man in a director's chair and being filmed.
  • Teresa May and Vida Garman in their soft lesbian romp from The Life and Times of Teresa Tease, but it does include a bit of light bondage.
  • Part of Claire Green's scene with Christophe Clark and Rocco Siffredi from Hard Cut 3.
  • Charmaine Sinclair and Karl Gent have it away on the sofa while Claire Green watches from a spiral staircase. An excellent scene from Hard Cut 1.
  • An excerpt from Lorraine Ansell's b/g scene in the auto parts shop from Lollipops and Sweet Chicks 5: Harry In England.
  • Sandra Lester (called Sandra Sutcliffe here in honour of her recently expressed wish to marry the Yorkshire Ripper) is chatted up by the German cameraman on the platform of Northampton station and then we see her take on two men by the canal - from Sarah and Her Randy Nieces and also included in Celebrity Shags 2 which is no longer available - a welcome re-release of some rare footage.
  • Louise Armani in her second scene from Butt's Up Doc where anal supposedly happens but is never seen.
  • Laura Singer - the best saved till last - the climax to her scene with Nick from Chicks on Heat 3 - the one on the tartan couch.

Some scenes are included here which are otherwise very difficult to find and the picture quality is mostly excellent, though it does depend to an extent on the source tape. It may stimulate demand for some of them to be re-released in their original form - a re-release of the whole film Sarah and Her Randy Nieces would be welcome as far as I'm concerned - though for collectors of British girl appearances it may be more convenient to get them in this form and not to have to buy whole films in which they play a limited part.

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