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Released: 2001
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Cathy Barry. Pumpkin films, 93 minutes. Directed by Phil Barry.

Female cast Cathy Barry, Jane Whitehouse, Angel T. (Angel-Long aka Sarah Read), Laura Michaels, names used differ between box cover and end credits for the last two. Males - Geoff Pearce, Frazer Fox and Paul Plenty with brief uncredited appearance by Phil Barry.

The movie opens with Phil Barry cutting his finger on an electric saw. Jane (presumably meant to be his wife, dressed in jeans and drab green top) goes to fetch the first aid kit in the loft, but a mysterious amulet drops out of the same bin bag as the first aid box. She rubs it and is transported into the foggy night-time countryside. She approaches a mysterious gothic mansion, finds the door open and goes in. Exploring the place she finds a dungeon containing a coffin with the nameplate Cathula. Inside she discovers the sleeping vampire Cathula (Cathy Barry in red and silver vampire outfit). Cathula awakes and bites Jane on the neck. Jane collapses and wakes up dressed in black basque and fishnet stockings to be told she is now Cathy's sex vampire. All ridiculous hokum of course, but as good a justification for lots of sex as any other and better than most.

A lesbian scene follows with nipple kissing, cunnilingus, finger penetration. This is well shot with the camera zooming out from a graphic close-up to a full body-and-face shot of Cathy with Jane's fingers inserted in Cathy's pussy and Jane's face also being in shot. I wish more porn cameramen would do this.

Cut to a car driving along a dark country lane with two couples inside. The engine splutters and they pull up outside the mansion. Angel-Long and Laura Michaels get out with their two respective fellas and go into the mansion for shelter.

Cut back to Cathy and Jane using dildos on each other.

Angel and her bloke find a bedroom, strip off and get down to it, presumably influenced by the sexual ambience of the place. There is now lots of intercutting as the sex scenes progress and the one between Laura and her bloke begins.

Jane administers a dildo/vibrator DP to Cathy and licks her anus. Cathy conjures up a stud as dildos aren't enough. He goes down on Cathy, licks her arse and fingers her pussy while Jane dildos herself. The Laura Michaels m/f scene (straight sex) begins. Cathy is fucked while her stud uses a dildo on Jane. Angel gets a male tongue and finger in her behind and is fucked in the missionary position. Back in the dungeon Cathy takes it up the bum while Jane gives herself a dildo DP. Cathy then gets a cock and dildo DP. Meanwhile Laura is being licked. Angel is fucked with her own finger in her anus. Jane and Cathy give their stud a joint blowjob and take a joint (and plentiful) facial into Cathy's mouth and over Jane's lips and chin. The two other scenes also reach their climax with both Angel and Laura taking cumshots over their bums.

Cathy and Jane then enter a bedroom each and bite their victims, creating four more sex vampires. An orgy then follows. For the most part the combinations of people remain the same. Jane gives a blow job, takes a dildo DP. Cathy gets fucked again. Laura and Angel get fucked side by side on a couch. Angel takes a DP (cowgirl) from her own bloke with Laura's. There is another good shared facial for Cathy and Jane and both studs spray over Angel's face as she lies along the couch. The camera work is not quite as good as before in these more difficult circumstances. The ideal shot of a DP where one can see both penetrations from a medium distance as well the girl's body and face (looking back) was not achieved and the stud's arm briefly got in the way during the facial shared by Cathy and Jane.

It is very good to see more well-shot British porn which is not gonzo (I don't object to gonzo, I just like other stuff as well.) with four great looking girls in hard action. And this marks several very welcome firsts for me - the first time I've seen explicit b/g action on video from Cathy Barry, Angel-Long and the criminally cute Laura Michaels. It's also a welcome return to hard core for Jane Whitehouse. The movie ends with 'to be continued'. I very much look forward to that.

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