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Notes: HCC part compilation
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Review copy courtesy of HCC

Compilation with introduction and an extra scene involving Chanta Rose, Kellemarie and Sadie Leech.

  • Intro - Chanta gets a prospectus from The Shagworts Academy for Witches and phones up Kellemarie and Sadie to tell them about it. They agree to apply and she invites them round to 'practice'.
  • Beverly Would in her scene in Strand Girls, Princesses of Porn Vol. 1 - b/g with Mark. She is seen posing revealingly for photographer Karl Gent and discussing her ambition to be a porn star with Remington (off camera). Eventually she asks why they don't have a guy for her. But they do! Enter Mark who begins by going down on her and then the blow job, full sex sequence follows, but is extended to anal (doggy and reverse cowgirl) ending in a magnificent facial. If we used the angle-of-dangle rating system once used by a men's mag whose title I've forgotten, this would be awarded a near vertical.
  • Tracy Williams in her scene from Passion Wagon 2 - b/g with a different Mark (Cremona). Tracy gives Mark a blowjob in the woods and then in the van. She asks him to stick his cock up her arse straight away. He does. Sex to facial aimed at her glasses.
  • Anna Mendelson in her scene in Strand Girls, Princesses of Porn Vol. 1 - b/g with Chris News. Anna is a pretty, plump-ish blonde. She sits on a sofa in her red-topped wedding dress and describes how she eyed up the best man at her wedding as she walked down the aisle and how she ended up being fucked by him while still wearing her wedding dress. Cut to the best man himself (Chris) sitting on the sofa next to her. With minimal seduction the scene proceeds to blowjob and sex in various positions, ending in an excellent facial right on her tongue. A good scene which would have been more erotic if, say, some of the wedding reception and come-on glances had been shown before proceeding to the sex. Too expensive to film I know.
  • Lisa James and Omar - part of Melissa Goes to Town (Angels XX30)
  • K.T. and Sylvia Saint in the scene in K.T.'s Sex Stars - b/b/g/g with Frank Gunn and Dave Wells in Prague. K.T. meets Sylvia Saint and Frank Thring in Prague. A foursome takes place involving the two girls, Frank Gunn and Dave Wells. Initially these are two separate twosomes but then K.T. takes up a camera and the two men concentrate on Sylvia who takes reverse cowgirl and doggy anal and one facial. Fans of Sylvia Saint, looking great in one of her earliest appearances, and K.T. will not be disappointed.
  • Anna Smith in her scene in Passion Wagon 2 - b/g with Simon. Anna gives Simon a bj in front of the van parked next to a field, then is fucked doggy style as she bends against the van. They continue inside to a cum-in-mouth climax.
  • Finally back to the aspiring witches. Their 'practice' involves a three-way lesbian romp, choreographed by Chanta of course, using tongues, fingers and dildos. The Principal of Shagworts has watched it all on his crystal ball and they pass their entrance exam without knowing they were sitting it.

This compilation contains two scenes which have previously had only a very limited release - the Tracy Williams and Anna Smith scenes. Boy/girl action from Lisa James is also very rare and this scene has been unavailable for some time. These alone make this video worth the price of admission and this applies even more if you haven't previously seen the Strand scenes. Bearing in mind that you would pay just over half the price of this video for only two scenes in an R18 video (and that's only if you live in London) and here you get seven scenes plus the intro with Chanta looking very sexy in transparent pink, this video is great value for money.

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