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Notes: videoangels VSP10
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Review tape kindly provided by Videoangels

running time - 49mins dvd. picture quality excellent.

in a cottagey type front room, chanta challenges the other girls to a competition. the prize - jaffa cakes! to win, each girl must do a strip and dildo routine with the best performance winning the snacks.

chanta starts things off with a mild strip routine and is quickly followed by kelle-marie, whose strip contains a smidgeon of pussy fingering.

chanta breaks out the dildo and uses it on her pussy for five minutes or so while sitting, legs akimbo, in a leather armchair.

sadie makes her entrance, disrobing and dildoing herself in the same chair and position as chanta. she dildos her pussy for four minutes.

finally, it's kelle-marie's turn to brandish a sex toy. she starts off on the coffee table but soon moves over to the armchair - as per the other two - and spends four minutes dildoing her pussy.

after a brief hurrah for jaffa cakes, the scene concludes.

dvd extras: stills galleries for each girl + 8 minutes b&w, behind the scenes footage in slow motion, set to music - no dialogue.

review by woodgnome

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