< Coming Together With Mandy

Released: 1983
Director: Chuck Rooster
Notes: Rooster Video, 56 mins.
Notes and Reviews

1983, Rooster Video, filmed near Nottingham, it says in the end credits.

An oddity which starts off as soft core and ends up as filmed soft, done hard, but carelessly edited.

An English village, winter, a girl asleep (Mandy, played by Annette Poussin) is woken by the alarm clock, masturbates Electric Blue style - i.e. no penetration, and then gets dressed.

Tim Blackstone is in bed but on the phone to his wife who has gone to visit her sick mother and he is being looked after by the wife's sister Mandy.

Mandy in the kitchen sees a bloke outside chopping wood. She makes the tea and we hear Jimmy Young on the radio, which as far as I recall makes it fairly late in the morning. She takes a cup up to Tim. He persuades her to get in with him for a cuddle. He fondles her pussy but there is no penetration. One of several cuts away to a woman driving along in a car then follows - we never see this woman's face. In the bed there is more groping and he goes down on her and they seem to have sex, but we don't see any penetration, though this would be too explicit for cert. 18 cinema release at the time.

Tim goes out and Mandy watches the woodcutter again from the kitchen. The woodcutter comes in to join her and they go at it in the kitchen though she is a bit reluctant at first.

A car draws up outside with engine problems and Bella (Rose Verduccio) comes in for help. Mandy sends the woodcutter out to take a look at the car and a g/g scene follows in the house. The woodcutter comes back in, joins in and gets a blowjob which we get a partial glimpse of. Tim returns and also joins in and it becomes an orgy during which there is one clear sight of penetration as Bella rides the woodcutter cowgirl style.

Finally the wife returns and, it is implied, catches them at it.

Quite a good storyline for a porn film. I wish it had been shot fully hard core.

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