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Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Landhaus der geilen Hennen Magma
Notes and Reviews

Candy Cottage (aka The House) is not so much a South London brothel, more a fantasy place where people who want to fuck get together.

Jo runs the house and in the first scene Majella, a young student, has come to the house for her first taste of lesbian sex. Jo removes Majella's t-shirt and jeans and then her own black dress and pants before lying Majella on the divan and pleasuring her with a naturalistic dildo. It's mainly dildo action for Majella in the pussy and in the bum before the pair have a cuddle to finish.

Madame has put Baby in charge of the house for the afternoon and she is putting her thoughts down on paper when Taylor and Pete arrive. The couple want to try a threesome and Baby is happy to oblige. The three undress in the lounge and Pete first fucks Baby from behind then the girls go into 69 where Taylor gets Pete's meat, first in her pussy then up her arse. Pete then lies back on the sofa allowing Taylor to suck him to completion.

Office worker Wendy slips off to the house once a month for a fucking. Undressing from her business suit and stockings, Wendy takes a long soapy shower then joins Tony de Serghio and Storm in the lounge. The boys are already naked so the action starts straight away on the floor with Storm fucking Wendy in missionary. He pulls out and comes over her unshaved pussy, then Tony replaces Storm's cock and Wendy gets some seriously deep shagging. Storm recovers to fuck doggy style over a cushion, then Wendy takes both guys in a cowgirl DP on the floor. Tony pulls out of her arse and spunks over Wendy's back while Storm has another go and another climax in missionary.

The next scene begins in a dreamy way with Linda and Alan Smith in some long grass, but they return to the house and undress. Nice, slow build up with kissing and licking before Linda mounts Alan in reverse cowgirl. Sex in the usual positions ends with a facial, but the scene continues as the pair kiss and cuddle.

In the final scene Jo needs a fucking so she has got her friend Tony de Serghio to join another couple, Vixen and Lee Henshaw, for a foursome. The initial pairings are Tony with Jo and Lee with Vixen, then Jo and Vixen, then the rest of the scene is mix and match on the floor and the sofa. With the two girls in 69 the guys pound away at both ends with Tony shooting over Vixen's buttocks and Lee over Jo's unshaved pussy.

Although released some time ago I have only just got my hands on a copy and what a little gem it is. Nicely but inexpensively styled with lots of satin draped across the set and shot in an underexposed way, the darkened bodies writhe around in folds of red. The actual sex is, in some cases, relatively short, but the top quality cast provide a truly erotic show.

The story is a little trite and the scenes come with a continuous narrative from an actress with excellent delivery and a script which veered a little too close to Mills and Boon for my taste. Fortunately this excellently authored DVD comes with two other audio options, just music or the director's commentary, which is a frank but rather florid explanation of the shooting which will be all too familiar to other producers.

I had seen this DVD in the catalogues but its uninspiring brown packing never persuaded me to purchase. As a result of the cover sales of this excellent production may be lower than they deserve to be. Hopefully this review will help to correct that.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

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