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Released: 2002
Notes: Relish XXX
Alternate Titles
  • Zoll-England ... die Leibesvisitation DVD available Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Relish / Tongue in Cheek

This is a set of five vignettes around the theme of randy customs officials at a UK airport. Amber [5] is the boss and the movie begins with her scolding her underlings Lucy Law and Tony di Serghio. She makes them strip and orders them to have sex. She watches and dildos herself. Lucy takes a facial, Tony is dismissed and a g/g session follows.

Their enthusiasm now aroused, the staff begin to 'investigate' arriving passengers much more thoroughly. Donna-Marie, showing promise as a comedienne, arouses the suspicions of Tony and he gives her a rectal examination - and not only with his rubber-gloved fingers.

Michelle Barratt, acting much more naturally than previously seen, is sharing a flat with stewardess Mesulime Menager. The latter arrives home for a g/g session. I'm not a fan of g/g, but I'll always watch Michelle.

Then Lucy Law subjects Lee Henshaw to a strip search. This leads to a b/g session with a little light bondage, anal and facial. The scene ends as we see Lucy putting on a strap-on!

Lastly Tony di Serghio and Mark (PK) detain Angel-Long and subject her to a thorough ... double penetration (here the camera angles could have been a little better).

An arousing time was had by the reviewer. It's also good to see something more ambitious than gonzo and to see British performers being given a chance to do a bit of acting. From the last point of view, no one is going to be doing Shakespeare any time soon, but they aren't at all bad.

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