< Cathy's Diaries Volume 2 R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

Cathy Barry entertainment, thanks to them for the review copy.

A departure from volume one in that this one features only one girl - and therefore a must for Cathy Barry fans.

The scenes are linked by Cathy writing in her diaries, with voice over.

First she reminisces about meeting Dries in a toilet. He peeps through the wall between the stalls and she spots him and then joins him. She gives him a blow job and he frigs her and goes down on her. They then adjourn to a convenient bed in the same room. What sort of a room is this? But no matter, as the vigorous sex continues, including anal, to a facial right in the mouth.

In scene 2, back in the office (this place gets stranger and stranger) Dries's boss, Lee Henshaw catches them at it and joins in for a threesome which includes DP, DPP, DAP and facials.

Finally Cathy reminisces about being a part-time barmaid in a pool hall. Frazer and Jamie Cox teach her how to play pool, but the lesson soon turns into a threesome on the pool table, moving to the floor for a DP and facials.

Entertaining and vigorous sex scenes which, however, could have done with more and better build up to increase anticipation and ease suspension of disbelief.

Scenes from other Union Jaxx titles are included on the DVD.

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