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Released: 2003
Director: Bud Swoop
Notes: Devils Films
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Running time: 90 mins.

Though the film boasts 11 girls including four Brits, this blow job flick is uninspired and very poorly shot.

Amber and Teoni share the sofa in a dingy looking office-cum-studio as planes roar overhead. The girls stand to strip, Amber dropping her floral pink dress to the floor while Teoni peels off her top and skirt. The two drop to the floor and the cameraman appears to have problems focusing as they crawl towards a cock. Amber takes its head in her mouth, Teoni concentrating on his balls. The two squeeze and rub the dick. Teoni has a go at wrapping her lips around the shaft. Along with views of walls, bits of flesh and someone's ear, we next see Amber swallowing the length. The guy jerks off into Amber's mouth and Teoni licks off the drips.

The next scene has Rio sitting on the toilet, her knickers round her knees, as a guy bursts in with his cock already out. She opens her mouth and takes him down her throat. Pulling up her panties she pushes the bloke against the sink, locking her mouth on his dick. Crouching, Rio plays with his balls and stuffs man meat into her cheek as the camera wobbles and shakes. She opens her mouth and he drops his cum on her tongue.

The third scene is the final one involving a Brit. This time it's Caitlin who shares a settee (in what looks like a garage) with the busty blonde Russian, Mira. Accompanied by road noise and banging, the two strip then slurp on a big black dick. Grabbing the guy's bum, Caitlin pulls his cock hard into her face and Mira bends to lap at his balls. With the cameraman not sure what he is shooting we see backs, feet, floors and walls as the pair take turns eating cock. The scene ends when the guy cums on their faces.

The dismal sets, shoddy camera work and indifferent performances from those involved make watching the film a chore rather than a pleasure.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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