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Released: 2003
Director: Cash Markman
Notes: Simon Wolf
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 83 mins.

This spoof documentary follows two portly and slightly inebriated middle age brothers as they challenge each other to produce the ultimate film on the prestigious Golden Dickie Award in Las Vegas. The slow and plodding plot makes its way through five scenes, with the pair of 'brothers' attempting to inject some light-hearted humour between the action and failing miserably.

Starlet Allysin Chaynes hopes to improve her chances of picking up an award by fucking Toni Tedeschi, only to find the only thing he has influence over is the car park.

Velvet Rose has a huge following at the awards and wants to thank them all in her own personal way, starting with Kyle Stone.

Having met two girls at the awards, the brothers decide to see how a film is made. Swigging on their bottles of wine, they arrive at the studio just in time to see a red haired Donna about to start work on her new epic. The director hasn't had time to clear the set before Donna has dived on Ralfe's dick and is cramming it down her throat. Stripping out of her tight top and denim skirt, the brothers stare as she has her shaven snatch licked. Pulling at her tits, Donna settles down with the prick in her moist pussy. Rolling onto all fours, Donna guides the cock into her arse. A quick bit of banging and Ralfe cums over Donna's bum... It's a wrap.

Back at the awards, the brothers spot Dolorian relaxing in a bar after a long day signing autographs. The only thing she needs now is some cock between her legs and Herschel Savage is just the man for the job.

Seeing the camera crew, Cassie Young wants to show she has what it takes to make it in the movies. With no suitable stud available, she grabs the lighting guy and fucks him.

For a short film there is far too much fill between the scenes, which may have looked good in the script, but fails in practice. With any luck Simon Wolf may discontinue the film, but in the meantime the best thing to do if you see this on a shelf in a shop is leave it there.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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