< The Continuing Immoral Adventures of Captain Cock and Rodney Rude 3: The Legend of Larry Large

Notes: HCC compilation
Notes and Reviews
  • Nikki Platts met at pub then back to house for sex scene (also in Housewives Choice)
  • Michelle [5] the fat West Indian
  • Stella i.e. Stephanie [2] with Vinny Curran - both Michelle and Stella scenes also in Amateur Housewives Compilation (Your Scene), Irene, Trudy & some fellas (Phoenix H2) and, partially, UK Cumshots (compilation)
  • Vanessa Brannan with two men also in Vanessa & 2 fellas, Lisa & 2 fellas (Phoenix H3)
  • Dean takes on Nikki (Platts) and Jade (Roxy-Jo) also in Melanie & 3 fellas, Nicky, Natalie & Doug (Phoenix H4)

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