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Released: 2004
Director: Paul Arbiter
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Inexcess
Notes and Reviews

One of the first releases on the Ruder Britannia label, this has been described as American-style porn. A bit harder than the usual Britporn and with a definite theme, this time it's anal cream pies. Although shot in London at some of the Arbiter's regular locations, many of the girls have an Eastern European pedigree.

The first scene features Nicole (possibly European & unlisted) in black fishnets and basque. She is noisily shoving a dildo up her pussy when she is joined by Guy and Steve Hooper - with a shocking blonde hair colour - who continue with the dildo. Nicole sucks the guys then swiftly moves to double vaginal penetration. The DPs in cowgirl are followed by more anal, ending with Guy's cum being rammed into her arse with the dildo and Steve pushes his in with his cock.

Eve is dressed as an American porno schoolgirl in white t-shirt, plaid skirt and no knickers and teases with a dildo. Guy continues with the dildo as he fucks her missionary on the sofa followed by anal in reverse cowgirl etc., all the time keeping her sweet clothes on. Nice.

Scarlet appears in the third scene, on a table with a white tablecloth, wearing all black including knee-length boots. The boots and top stay on as she uses a very large black double-ender on herself. Then she is joined by Guy and Demetri who continue to work their fingers up her bum while she sucks them off. Then, suddenly, its cowgirl DP. More anal over the table is followed by the cumshots over her bum.

Jessica, in a red dress, is masturbating on a big leather armchair. She is joined by Mark Sloan who fucks her doggy-style over the back of the chair, eventually switching his cock to her bum. The anal continues until Mark comes up her arse and Jessica crouches on the floor to let the cum drip onto the wooden floor.

Sarah Nice is sitting on a sofa, pants round her knees and a dildo up her bum. Tony de Serghio takes over dildo duty then flips her over and fucks her doggy style in the pussy then up her bum. Sex in many positions, with Sarah sucking Tony's cock between insertions. Eventually Tony deposits a full load deep in Sarah's arse.

Finally its Magda's turn on the big brown sofa with Mark, who tries to push her spare panties right up her pussy. The pants play a part in the rest of the scene as they are wrapped around Mark's cock during fucking, or used to wipe Magda's face as she gets it, reverse cowgirl. Anal sex starts in missionary and he finally cums over her bum. This is quite an arousing scene,

This film certainly has a harder edge, but none of the girls seem that much sexier for it, with the exception of covergirl Eve. Indeed Sarah Nice seems quite plain here, an almost impossible feat. Usual excellent production values from the Arbiters and worth a look.

Review by Bayleaf

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