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Released: 2004
Director: Horny Harry and Remington Steel
Notes: HCC part compilation
Notes and Reviews

Lucy and Gilly are gossiping about their friend Denise and what she got up to, on this very leather Chesterfield, last week.

Denise seduced estate agent Chris/Dan Dares as she showed him around the house. One minute she's showing him her kitchen, the next she's showing him a good time. It's not easy switching from innocent scene to sex; veteran director Remington Steel shows just how hard when Denise, for no discernable reason, grabs Chris's flies and pulls out his cock in a most implausible way. Chris releases her tits and licks her pussy before they move to the lounge for sex. Editing here is poor as a naked Chris suddenly gets his shirt back on. Any credibility is finally destroyed when, as Chris wanks over Denise's tits, the camera cuts to his tortured face only to return to Denise by which time her tits and face are covered with a fluid that could be almost anything from sun cream to fromage frais. (45 mins)

Back on the sofa, Gilly and Lucy start on each other, stripping to their black stockings and licking each other's pussies. There is some mutual masturbation with vibrators and very brief tongue on tongue action at the end. Gill and Lucy are still very attractive women who give a professional performance as befits a pair with 40 years experience between them, but there's no chemiistry until the last 20 seconds of tongue lashing. And that I could have watched for hours. (30 mins)

Kirsten's Cushty Caper

This programme exists in many forms. All we have here is the pool table fuck between Kirstyn Halborg and Bob Scott in his Captain Cock days. I've only seen this before as a poor quality copy, but it's no better here in pristine DVD.

This review was written courtesy of a copy supplied by the producers. Whether it was ever released I don't know, so may, fortunately, be hard to find. All I can say is that all concerned have produced better work. Much better work. Much much better work.

Review by Bayleaf

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