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Released: 2006 (DVD)
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Adult Made AM002
Alternate Titles
  • Cuntry Humpkins 2004 TVX series
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Adultmade Films.

In what seems a bit of a trend away from R18 releases, Adultmade has released these made-for-tv scenes on DVD. These four scenes have an agricultural theme, hence the punning title.

Keira plays Roxy, the randy milkmaid who picks BJ up in the back of her Land Rover. Keira drives to a quiet spot and joins the BJ on the straw bales in the back of the pick-up. BJ is naked and Keira loses her shorts as the foreplay progresses, then Keira mounts him in reverse cowgirl in the lovely summer sunshine. Unbuttoning her shirt to release Keira's (pre-op) boobs he fucks her doggystyle and the scene ends with the pair standing naked on the bales as the BJ comes over Keira's tits. Keira then drives off in the Land Rover leaving BJ naked but for his Caterpillar boots.

Aimee is causing problems for Farmer Hopps as she hasn't paid her rent on a particularly shabby caravan. Hopps (Mark Mason) accepts payment in kind for a couple of weeks rent (the caravan looks worth no more than £10/week so Mark gets a bargain), undressing Aimee on a blanket on the grass. After some foreplay, Aimee sits on Mark's cock in reverse cowgirl followed by doggy and spoons. Returning to the side of the caravan, Aimee sucks Mark to climax permitting him to cum over her tits.

McKenzie Lee and Donna Marie appear to be renting a potting shed and a few bales of hay in a field from Farmer Hopps. They haven't paid their rent for three weeks and Hopps (Mark Mason) wants the cash. The girls offer their bodies in payment, which must rank as one of the all-time bargains. Inside the shed the girls undress Mark and suck his cock. Removing their shorts, Donna licks McKenzie's pussy while Mark buries his face between Donna Marie's legs. Donna Marie continues to lick McKenzie as Mark fucks her from behind, then it's a conventional threeway with reverse cowgirl for McKenzie and double-decker missionary for both girls as Mark swaps his cock between pussies. Doggy anal for McKenzie as Donna licks pussy and cock (atm), then it's the same for Donna as the girls swap places. Later, Mark's cum doesn't quite reach Donna's tits and lands on her thighs.

Tony James is out with his shotgun looking for rabbits, instead he finds Suzie Best, who shags quicker than the randy rodents as she substitutes herself. Tony is prepared to trade pussy for bunny and the pair fuck in the woods. Suszie's shorts and t-shirt are soon on the grass along with Tony's Barbour jacket, but where did that vast sheet of black plastic come from? Susie is shagged on the ground, against a tree, then up the bum in doggy and reverse cowgirl. Scene ends with a decent facial.

Four top scenes professionally filmed and edited and enduring the vagaries of English summer weather. Hardcore action with a twist. Each scene gets a little set up with the girls and most of the boys handling their dialogue reasonably well - although Tony James's acting is as wooden as his legendary cock.

Worth 30 Euros of anyone's money.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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