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Released: 2004
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

Like a lot of people, Cathy Barry is keeping a diary and we are now up to Volume 5. This is no Bridget Jones stuff, just end to end sex. Cathy introduces each section with her West Country accent whilst playing with herself.

Cathy, dressed in a long white dress, and Angel-Long, in red, are leaning on a grand piano where Michelle Thorne, in a black lacy outfit, is playing. Cathy and Angel want to see what else Michelle can do with her fingers and they don't have to wait long to find out. After doing some two and three-finger exercises with Cathy, Angel finds the piano stool contains more than just music. The three take great pleasure toying each other between bouts of muff munching.

Next Cathy, dressed in a black leather mini skirt and bra, is taken into hospital with a twisted ankle. Nurse Donna Marie and a paramedic soon have Cathy on a bed where they start to assess her injuries. Rubbing Cathy's breasts and inserting a penis in her mouth seems to do nothing; so Donna inserts her fingers into the pussy to get both girls pulses racing. Man meat in her pussy soon makes Cathy forget her aches and pains and whilst Donna is riding the cock Cathy has her pussy licked clean of any nasty germs. More pounding follows for the girls before Cathy takes some anal action. With a good spurt of spunk in Cathy's mouth she is fully recovered and can go home.

Dressed in a black shimmering all-in-one, Cathy applies for a job as a pole dancer. Helen Sinclare shows her the ropes, but Cathy can show Helen a thing or two, especially about pussy licking. To make sure she gets the job Cathy turns her attention to the club manager and barman to see what they can offer and ends with a mouth and pussy full of cock. Helen joins in sucking Cathy's tits and playing with her clit ring but she passes on the penis, preferring to pound her pussy with plastic. With Helen licking her pussy lips Cathy take two cockfuls of cum in her mouth.

In scene 4 Cathy is getting the builders in in more ways than one. The boys however are more interested in breasts then bricks and they don't take long to get Cathy out of her white lace dress. Cathy surveys the work to be done - three cocks, that's a big job gov, but in best Bob the Builder style "Can Cathy fuck them? Yes she can!". After giving all three a good sucking Cathy realises it's a bigger job than she thought and she's going to have to double up on cocks to finish. With one in the pussy and one in the arse the job's done in no time and all that remains is for the three to plaster Cathy's face in cum.

Cathy has ordered a new sofa but when the delivery men call she is only partly dressed and opens the door with a large white towel covering her black basque and stockings. The guys refuse coffee and decide to christen the sofa instead. They seem all fingers and thumbs at first with Cathy's pussy, but a good bit of cock sucking soon puts them at ease. Like all delivery men they are happiest when moving things and in this case it's transporting pussy juice to Cathy's mouth on their dicks. Both get a chance to try Cathy's back door before dropping their loads in her mouth.

The final scene is a genuine photo shoot with Lexi for an American magazine. Cathy is dressed in a "Star Spangled" pizza delivery outfit and together with Lexi she gets some man salami. Throughout the scene Phil Barry (photographer) is shouting out instructions and the girls are checking their positions for the best shots. This is broken occasionally with fits of giggles.

All the girls, including the newcomer Helen Sinclare, put in brilliant performances and the Diaries are getting better and hotter. Roll on Volume 6.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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