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Released: 2005
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 124 mins.

Cathy opens her diary again to let us view another five scenes from her hectic life. Lounging in a white lace dress on a plush red sofa, Cathy introduces and links each scene of the film.

First up is "Crimes of Passion" which looks as if it has been lifted, titles and all, from one of Cathy's other works. Policeman Pete le Meat and WPC Taylor J are interviewing Cathy after she has had a large amount of money stolen. The scene then flashes back to Cathy, in a long black dress, filling her handbag full of chips at a casino then heading off to her room with Lee Henshaw. The bedroom door hardly has time to close before Lee has Cathy's breasts out of her dress. Licking and sucking her nipples, he slides his hand down to play with her pussy and pierced clit. Cathy responds by unzipping Lee's trousers and taking the head of his cock in her mouth whilst she slowly wanks the shaft. After licking and finger fucking, Cathy's pussy is wet and ready to take Lee's cock - missionary to start, then the pair turn so he can be ridden cowgirl. Cathy bends over to be taken from behind in the pussy then the arse. As she is having her bum banged a burglar buggers off with her bag and all she is left with is a face full of Lee's cum.

It's Christmas and Cathy goes to visit Santa in his grotto and - hoh! hoh! - has he a surprise for her? Sitting on Santa's knee, Cathy is given a new toy to play with, a large glass dildo. To show her appreciation she opens her black leather coat so that Santa can play with her "sacks of fun". Santa is keen to see if the new toy works and licks her pussy lips before sliding it deep into Cathy. What else has Santa got for Cathy to play with? Pulling down his pants Cathy fills her mouth with Santa's dick. Santa's willing helper then eases his cock into her pussy. Knee deep in styrene snow Cathy is taken in the bum, then time to try the dildo in her pussy as well... This works but she prefers her fingers. Now time for Cathys final present, Santa's spunk all over her face.

Scene 3 sees Cathy and Karla booked for a lesbian photo session. Karla wastes no time in sucking Cathy's tits, she then moves south to tongue her pussy and bum. When Karla starts to finger fuck Cathy it's too much for poor photographer Pascal and he has to get his cock out for the girls to suck. Plenty of pussy licking follows before Pascal pushes his prick into Cathy's pussy then buries his head between Karla's legs. With Cathy and Pascal bonking away, Karla finds a large red dildo to pleasure her pussy with. She then licks Pascal's penis before he slides it deep into Cathy's arse. With all the action Pascal can't hold on much longer and as the girls kiss he sprays their faces with cum.

In a black side-split cat-suit, Cathy next appears with the American Gill Boother for some girl/girl fun. Cathy's breasts are eased out for Gill to play with. As she sucks and licks, Cathy slips one then two fingers into Gill's pussy through her crotchless panties. Once the knickers are removed, more licking and finger fucking follow. It's now toy time and Gill rubs a large glass dildo over Cathy's clit before pushing it deep into her pussy. A second dildo appears which Cathy uses on Gill to great effect getting the juices really flowing. Now that Gill knows what to do, she uses an even larger red dildo on Cathy and the two girls wank away. The scene ends with Cathy licking Gill's very wet pussy.

Finally Cathy is out walking the dog in a local park when she comes across three footballers whom she invites back for refreshments. At home it's cock not coffee she is interested in and the three boys are fascinated by her triple J tits. As the boys play with her breasts, Cathy takes turns in filling her mouth with man meat. With a little licking and finger work Cathy's pussy is wet and ready for action. Cathy rides each cock with the other two in her mouth. The guys then double up for some two in the pussy action and follow this up with a long DP session. Finally Cathy takes two in the arse with the third deep in her mouth. The three cover Cathy's face with cum, has she scored?

Phil Barry seems to know how to get the best out of his wife, whether working with boys or girls, and even though the first scene appears out of context the film is a fine example of what Cathy can do. For those who haven't seen the earlier films the DVD has an added bonus of four minutes of Cathy's cum shots from Diaries 1 to 5.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (April 2005)

Q. What does Cathy do in CD6 that she hasn't done in CD 1-5?
A. Not much. There is a reasonable finale with three local footballers and a nice girl-girl scene with American Jillian Boother.

The first scene looks like a made-for-tv episode with long opening credits over stylish black and white images of New York. Unfortunately the rest of the film falls well short. After the US titles we get Cathy explaining to the Bristol police (Pete le Meat and Taylor J Morgan) that she's been robbed while shagging Lee Henshaw after a successful night at the casino. We then see Cathy at the roulette wheel, in bed with Lee having fine sex including doggy anal and a mystery figure stealing her handbag. That's it.

Scene 2 starts with Cathy in Santa's Grotto and ends with Santa in Cathy's. Steve Hooper plays the Santa who gives Cathy a dildo as a present and Cathy allows him to fuck her amidst the fake snow. Cathy strips completely as does Steve who removes his white beard and wig but leaves his bushy white eyebrows on throughout! Good pro sex including anal in spoons.

Photographer Pascal is shooting a scene with Cathy and Karla. Unfortunately Pascal isn't allowed to keep his cock in his trousers and he takes on both girls on the sofa and the floor. Cathy hogs all the action so Karla doesn't get a look in cock-wise. Nice reverse cowgirl anal though.

Next is a good girl-girl scene with tall blonde American Jillian. The girls soon get naked and play with each other on an antique-style settee. They shove dildos up their own and each other's pussies but there's not much electricity generated.

In the final scene Cathy spots three amateur footballers as she totters on high heels while walking her dog. Cathy offers to show Tony James, Pascal and black dude Adam her own balls and takes them back to her flat for sex. Only Tony and Pascal achieve penetration, ending with a strong DP while Cathy sucks black cock.

Good production values from Phil Barry and OK for Cathy fans, but the rest of us have seen it all before.

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