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Released: 2005
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Tanya Hyde's Cabaret Bizarre
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 139 mins.

Tanya Hyde films are all about erotic fetish entertainment and Cabaret Bizarre takes the successful format one step further. The impressive cast of Brits are joined by two blond European stars, Jane Darling and Sandra de Marco, for 2¼ hours of kinky pleasure. As with any Cabaret the action is split into scenes or sets and each is introduced by a wonderfully weird compère.


Kiera, in red latex stockings, is being operated by puppeteer Ian Tait. As he pulls and twists the strings she performs an erratic erotic dance. He comes down from his gantry and Kiera takes his cock in her mouth, her make up and swept back hair emphasising her high cheek bones as she sucks away. Spreading her legs wide apart she is taken in the pussy.

Donna, in a black PVC dress and high black collar, is next up as a mannequin. She shows the audience her hew tits which bounce up and down as Ian joggles her on his knee. Then lifting her dress she plays with her pussy and arse before being handed a latex teddy with a 6-inch cock. Donna loves her new toy planting it firmly between her legs, but then decides a fuck from the puppeteer may be better. Kiera re-joins the pair for some pussy sucking then dons a black strap-on to give Donna some DP fun. Kiera also wants some cock action and Ian bangs away at her bum pulling out to squirt his load over her arse. Donna is beneath to catch the drips.

Emergency Ward Kink

Rubber-clad nurses Jane and Sandra are attending to Tony's cock. Fortunately he still has his wits about him and is soon fingering and thumbing the girls through their split crotch latex knickers. It's now time for him to give treatment to the nurses. In another section in the clinic, Alicia, in red rubber and fishnets, has her feet up in stirrups while a doctor massages her pussy through her white panties. With a large damp patch appearing the knickers have to be removed and the doctor snips away with scissors, then slips his rubber-gloved fingers into Alicia's cunt. Getting Alicia to turn round a dildo strapped to the end of a 6-foot pole is slowly screwed into her arse as she sucks on the doctor's cock. Back in the treatment room one of the nurses is having her bum filled with dick then it's medicine time - a mouth full of cum for each. Alicia is prescribed spunk sprayed over her tits and lightly rubbed in.


In black latex dress, stockings and a large hat, Alicia enters a large empty swimming pool where she finds 3 hooded, leather-bound guys, one suspended upside down by his feet. She immediately goes over to him and takes his cock in her mouth. Letting the guy down she sits on his face and while the other two watch and wank leans forwards and swallows him up to his balls. Lying on a table Alicia is ready for the three. She sucks their cocks as they stuff her pussy and bum with toys. Then, with her holes gaping, the three fill Alicia with fingers and dicks. As she wanks one guy off, the second cums over her bum and the last fires his load into her mouth. Alicia's training session is over.


Dressed as rubber-wrapped pony girls, Jane and Sandra are lead towards two large cages by the ring master and a clown. They bend over and the girls' latex knickers are removed and fingers and thumbs enter pussies and bums. Locked away, the pony girls eat cock through the bars of the cage. They are then released to exercise with a double-ended dildo. Jane is lifted onto a swing where she is banged by the clown as she sucks at the ring master. Sandra is next, bending over to have her arse stuffed with man meat as she chews on the clown. Time for the girls final ride - up the bum before Sandra takes a facial and Jane gets her backside greased with spunk.

Dancer / Fuck Machine

Long-legged Kiera wraps her supple body round the pole as she slowly gyrates, sliding sexily up and down. She is joined on stage by Steve Hooper in a long leather coat, this is quickly undone and Kiera finds a new pole to wrap her lips around. Stretching her legs Kiera has her pussy and arse filled from every conceivable angle.

Sara Nice, in red fishnets and a pink latex top with her tits hanging out, has just had a fucking machine delivered. Climbing onto the green sofa she rotates her hips to get the full effect from the pink dildo fitted to the machine. Turning, Sara finds the machine works equally as well in the bum, but it's still no substitute for the real thing and luckily the delivery man's cock is still at hand. A quick suck gets it nice and stiff and ready for action. Bending onto all fours Sara is taken from behind. She then climbs on the back of the sofa to get her pussy and arse fully stuffed. One cock is good, two are even better, and as the camera pulls back Sara is alone on the sofa while Kiera is being DP'd on the floor in front of her. When the guys cum Sara sees no spunk; Kiera taking one load in her mouth and another over her bum.

As with other Tanya Hyde films Cabaret Bizarre is brilliantly shot, putting changes in screen format and colour effects to good use, and has great performances from all involved. The DVD comes with 30-minutes of behind the scenes footage and a 4-minute scene from Mouse who with a funnel and a bucket of soapy water turns herself into an anal water cannon. Truly amazing!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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