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Released: 2005
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films / Union Jaxx
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 118 mins.

With each new film in the Cathy's Diaries series her breasts appear to get larger and larger and the scene introductions get more West Country and monotone. But the action remains hot and horny with Cathy taking a lead role throughout.

Cathy is lying on the bed in a black cat suit, reading a magazine, when her lights go out. The lucky Cathy has no problem in finding an electrician and he's round in minutes. Having fixed Cathy's blown bulb there's something she wants to blow, but this is a little more meaty. Stripping off and with a mouth full of cock the electrician plugs four of his fingers into Cathy's wet socket. It's then on the bed for some pussy pumping, Cathy's man made mountains wobbling and juddering with every stroke. The couple move through various positions ending on the floor with Cathy's arse filled with cock. The scene ends with a pop shot onto Cathy's tongue which drips onto her tits.

In Scene 2 Cathy is to give Liza a lesson in the art of lesbian love. Liza latches onto Cathy's nipples as she releases her tits from their restraining bra, running her tongue around their huge mass. Cathy moves to suck at Liza's pointy pert tits as she fingers her pussy. She is then shown how to lick clit, Cathy's tongue darting over her pussy. Liza quickly learns, taking Cathy's pierced hood into her mouth as she slips her fingers between the moist lips. The next test is with a toy. Liza crouches as a large glass dildo is worked into her pussy making her moan with pleasure. Given a large red vibrator Liza plunges it deep into Cathy's cunt giving her an orgasm. Liza has passed with flying colours.

Cathy pops into the stables for a quick ride and a rubdown, but it's the stable lad that sees the action rather than her horse. Stripping the lad she feels his fetlocks as she fills her mouth with his man muscle. Removing her breaches Cathy has her bum spanked with a riding crop then gets the groom to kiss her rosy cheeks and pussy better. It's now time to tone up with a good long ride, flexing first the pussy muscles, then the arse. All the exertion has made the lad very unstable and he shoots his spunk into Cathy's mouth.

Angel-Long is sitting in full bridal outfit at her reception, flanked by bridesmaids Cathy and Donna Marie in blue and lilac crushed silk dresses respectively. The wine flows freely and Angel strips off determined to start her honeymoon immediately, Cathy, Donna and Deana decide to join her. Cathy entertains the bridegroom and best man while Angel 69's with Donna on the floor. The four girls then go on a cock sucking orgy seeing who can swallow the deepest. Deana mounts one of the guys, easing his dick into her pussy. Donna goes one better opting for an arse fuck. Not to be out-done bride Angel DP's the groom and best man. The shagathon continues until the guys can hold back no more, covering the girls in cum.

Cathy has invited four studs around - Pascal, Tony, Alex and Louis - to see who is the best porn star. The guys pair up, Pascal and Tony having first go. While she has a mouth full of Tony's cock Pascal licks then works his fingers into Cathy's pussy, stretching and pulling her lips before he slides in his man meat. Covered in juices Cathy licks it clean as Tony enters her love box. Both then give Cathy a DP session. Round two has Alex and Louis in a repeat performance sucking and fucking Cathy. Pascal and Tony rejoin for some four on one action, Cathy sucking and licking as her holes are hammered. Cathy then takes each guy in turn wanking them into her mouth and swallowing their loads. At the end the winner of best porn star is ... Cathy!

Cathy's Diaries 7 is an enjoyable film. Some of the boy/girl scenes are a little predictable, three minutes doggy, three minutes missionary etc., but these are more than made up for in the scenes where Cathy has more people to perform with. Roll on Volume 8.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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