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Released: 2005
Director: Philippe Soine
Notes: Magma
Alternate Titles
  • Verliebte Mädchen
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 87 mins.

Hot Rod have released this partially British made film from the German company Magma under the new name Cross Channel Cherries, but retained the original titles and cast list on the film. The original German title, Verliebte Mädchen, translates as Fall in love Girls, but the new name Cross Channel Cherries could refer to the fact two of the scenes come from France ... or it could be that the main characters Karla and Suzie sit watching porn on the telly all day flicking from station to station ... who knows.

Sitting on the sofa in front of a huge plasma-screen TV, Karla and Suzie are transfixed by the image of Miyah masturbating in a tanning booth. Pascal peeks through the open door, dick in hand. When Miyah spots him, she makes a grab for his cock. Leaving the booth, she kneels to give him a blow job. Saliva dribbles down his shaft and she licks it off his balls as he eases four fingers into her pussy. As she leans with her hands up on the wall, Pascal pushes his prick into Miyah's wet hole. The two fall to the floor, Miyah gritting her teeth and groaning as she bounces up and down on Pascal's manhood. Rolling over, she squirms as his cock is fed into her arse and Pascal bangs hard at her bum. Ready to cum, Pascal fires his load into Miyah's mouth.

Karla and Suzie caress each other's bodies as they wait to see what's on next. French girl Katrin, with bright pink hair, gives a man a blow job. After getting out of the shower she is then fucked all over the bathroom.

The girls are getting turned on by the programmes. They are slipping their hands into each other's knickers when the picture changes again. This time it is Marlene on a red bed plundering her pussy with pink plastic. She moves off to wank a guy over the bonnet of a car then stretches her self over the car to be fucked.

The sight of all this sex on TV is too much for the girls. They rub hard at each other's clits as they kiss then strip, Karla sliding down Suzie's body to suck on her moist lips. Suzie wriggles as Karla fingers and tongues her hairy snatch. The two swap places and the girls' bodies gyrate as Suzie laps at Karla's wet fanny. Moving to a sheepskin on the floor the girls 69, pussies squelching as tongues dart and fingers fuck. Climaxing, the girls look up and realise Pascal has been staring out the TV at them... Next thing he is in the room.

The girls get to grips with his shaft, taking turns to swallow it as he fingers the pair. Holding Pascal's cock, Suzie guides it into Karla's pussy then licks the two as they bounce up and down. Suzie takes her turn on the prick, Karla rubbing her clit as Pascal thrusts in deep, her body shakes as it bangs against the balls. Both girls bend over to be taken doggy, Pascal pulling the girls pussies open before using his cock. Suzie watches as Pascal moves his dick into Karla's arse. Suzie licks Karla's bum cheeks and Pascal pulls out and fills Suzie's mouth. She dribbles it over Karla's face.

The story line may not be original, but it was nicely executed. And it's nice to see Karla and Suzie's girl/girl scene run on seamlessly into a girl/girl/boy scene. A well done to Philippe Sonie for this one in what ever language.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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