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Released: 2005
Director: Di Santo
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Pornostatic
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 127 mins.

Midlands based Pornostatic have produced another bumper film jam packed with girls and very large studs. As with other Pornostatic films Anjali Kara in the Lady Boss role is the driving force behind the film, doubling up as actress and camera woman in some scenes.

Solange Bhatt, in a dark blue top, pants and white boots is waiting on the sofa for Anjali to bring her something nice. When she turns up with a very large stud she is not disappointed. The girls go straight to work, taking the huge member in their mouths and running their tongues over the shaft and balls. Anjali leaves Solange with the licking as she sits on the guy's face. Now nice and wet Solange is relegated to wanking duties with a big black toy while Anjali rides the rubber clad monster. At last Solange gets her chance to have her dripping wet pussy filled, but the poor girl can only take half the length no matter which way she wriggles and squirms. The session ends with the pair sharing the spunk, Anjali taking it on her tongue and Solange over her tits.

Tiara Gomez, in a split-seam red dress, looks as if she's going out for the night, but when she lifts her hem to reveal no knickers it's obvious she intends to stay home and feast on dick. Following a good long lick of the prick the guy slips his head between Tiara's legs to feed his face with fanny. Kneeling, Tiara slips her tits out of the dress while sucking and wanking the cock, the pair then 69 on the sofa. Mounting the guy cowgirl Tiara takes the cock deep in her pussy. Moving, she sucks her own dark nipples whilst been taken spoon. Eventually the guy is ready to cum. Tiara opens her mouth to catch the load.

In a short scene Isabel Ice is sitting on the stairs in a red and white outfit, finger fucking her pussy and licking her own breasts. She moves to a white painted bedroom where she wants to eat big black cock. Isabel has no problem swallowing the whole length of the guy, saliva dribbling over his shaft as she gags. With a throat full of meat Isabel attempts to lap the guy's balls with her tongue. She now wants to taste his spunk and wanks him off into her mouth.

Donna Marie, in a fluorescent pink dress, is talking about her recent breast enlargements and whether she should have gone bigger. With the camera man lying under her to see the full effect of her new boobs, she pulls at her pussy lips and plays with her arse. How many cocks have been in there? Donna is asked. Hundreds! And one more is about to be added! Taking the 10 inches straight into her mouth Donna coughs a little as it tickles her tonsils. Pulling her self open she sits on the guy's face, his tongue working overtime on her clit and his nose wedged up her bum. Donna gets the chance to add one more to her total, riding the cock reverse cowgirl, the balls banging on her pussy lips. The humping continues spoons then doggy, her labia being stretched as the shaft slides in and out. The guy is ready to cum but not in her mouth - over her new tits please.

Ebony has her pussy pushed hard into a guy's face at the start of the next scene, then curling up she takes his cock into her mouth. Another lick of the pussy and it's side-by-side spoons on the sofa. Holding herself above the dick she is entered cowgirl, the guy banging away for all he's worth. Finally one for the foot fetishists - a spunky spray over the toes.

Frankie, in a black teddy and boots, is sharing a glass of wine on the bed with Robyn, in black fishnets. Licking her way up Robyn's legs Frankie massages her pussy through her black knickers. The girls then try a powerful vibrating bullet, pressing it hard against their clits. Wet and horny they strip and suck each other, Frankie bringing herself off with the bullet whilst Robyn uses a large black toy to climax. The scene ends with girl/girl snogging.

Lexi, in lime green fishnets, is bent over a guy, licking and tongueing his dick. She takes his balls in her mouth for a good hard suck before returning the tip of the cock to her mouth. Encouraged by camera woman Anjali, Lexi works away with her mouth, sucking and licking for all it's worth. Turning to have her pussy fingered Lexi realises she can use her free hand on Anjali. Rubbing hard on her clit makes her double up with pleasure. Anjali puts the camera down and a second guy joins in to lap at her juices. She wraps her legs round his neck holding his head tight between her legs. Beside her Lexi is writhing and rolling with a cock deep in her pussy. Anjali turns to suck at Lexi's breasts. The guy eventually cums covering Lexi's clean shaven pussy as Anjali fill her face with cock. In some strange editing the scene goes back to Lexi being humped then just stops.

Kyla is crawling over the floor looking for cock to suck. When she spots it she quickly fills her mouth. As her lips slip up and down the shaft she releases her breasts from her blue flowery dress, then proceeds to tit fuck the guy. With a slight slap of the bum, she mounts the guy riding cowgirl, crying to be spanked again and again. The pair then fall to the floor where Kyla is taken from behind doggy style, then turns to be done missionary. Finally she takes the guy's load in her face.

Cum Slut Candy has a lot of good performances by the girls, but these are offset by poor production. Though not as bad as in previous Pornostatic films, Kyla's scene is spoilt by the shadows of the cameraman and in part of Tiara's scene sunlight streaming through the venetian blinds causes problems with the lighting. The question also has to be asked would 6 slightly longer scenes be better than the 8 in two hours? This would give a little more time for the action to develop. Good, but not quite good enough.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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