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Released: 2005
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Erotic Flesh
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Running time: 103 mins.

Kendo and the crew at Erotic Flesh have built their reputation on gorgeous girls indulging in hot kinky action and Caged lives up to, and exceeds, this high standard. The film has Poppy Morgan starring with four other girls, including new girl Crystal, in steamy leather clad action.

After saying her prayers Poppy lies on the bed in her white negligee, but dark thoughts enter her mind and she is tormented by her dreams.

Poppy finds herself in a room where leather-and-PVC-clad Natalia and Natalie are locked in cages. She is drawn to the girls, fondling and kissing them through the bars as they masturbate with big black dildos. Opening the door Poppy finger fucks Natalia, dropping to her knees to lap the juices off her wet lips then ramming the black toy back in her pussy. Covered in oil, Natalie is wanking herself when Poppy joins her. Coating her cunt in lube Poppy licks and sucks at Natalie's clit, then sees Natalia's fanny swallow four of her fingers. Both the girls turn their attention to Poppy. Spreading lube between her legs, they attack her soaking love box with a realistic looking dildo. With her white stockings spattered in juice and lube the two hammer away at Poppy's pussy till she screams with pleasure.

The dream changes and Poppy finds the cage occupied by Elle and Danny. He is playing with her pussy and kissing her body. Poppy is desperate to join but the bars prevent her. Danny slides down Elle's body to lick her pussy, then propped against the side of the cage, slowly slips in his cock. The pair sink to the floor of the cage, Elle gently moving up and down on his shaft, whilst a distraught Poppy fingers herself vigorously. Elle bends over to be fucked from behind, Poppy's outstretched arm playing with her tits as the cage rocks back and forth. Danny lies down so Elle can ride his dick and Poppy pushes her head through the bars. The couple end in the missionary, Danny pulling out to fountain his spunk over Elle's body.

Poppy, in a PVC basque and stockings, is back between the cages. They now hold a man captive, but she is more interested in a strap-on attached to the bars. She gives the toy a blow job then slips it into her wet pussy. The guy watches and waits, thrusting his cock out of the cage. Poppy sucks and spanks the dick as the dildo is played into her soaking wet cunt. Entering the cage on her hands and knees Poppy is filled from behind, then, with her legs hooked through the bars, she is fucked missionary. A little more doggy and Poppy sucks on the condom-clad cock, removing the rubber in time to fill her mouth with cream.

The dream is becoming more bizarre. Poppy is faced with three masked men each with two cocks - a real one and a strap-on on their chests!! She teases the three, inserting a black toy into her pussy then licking off the juices. Moving to the first guy she gives him a blow job as she pushes the plastic in her pussy. The second guy is sucked though the cage, Poppy taking his balls deep in her mouth. A little more dildo play and Poppy visits the third guy who has his cock in a harness. She licks its head. The action moves in front of a roaring fire. Poppy gets one guy to lie on the ground then, crouched over him, she impales herself on his chest cock whilst tonguing the real thing. For the next guy she slides his cock into her cunt and bounces as she fills her mouth with his plastic dick. Finally Poppy lies with a funnel in her mouth and gets the three to wank into it.

In the last section, a leather-clothed Poppy finds Crystal, in a black cape, strapped up between the bars of the empty cages. Poppy sucks at her nipples and runs her lace gloved hand over her body. Covering a realistic looking toy in lube Poppy gently rubs the head into Crystal's clit then slides it deep between her legs. Releasing Crystal, she falls on all fours. More lube is applied, Poppy licking Crystal's arse as she works the dildo. A cloaked man appears and Crystal is left to finger herself as Poppy feasts on his man meat. With the guy on the floor, Poppy plunges his prick up her arse, playing with her pussy as the cock throbs in her bum. The anal action continues doggy style, the guy's balls banging Poppy's clit as they bonk. Crystal joins to take the guy's cream in her mouth. The girls end with a spunky kiss.

The performances throughout the film are excellent with Poppy showing how kinky she can be. Kendo's direction was spot on - nice angles and atmospherically lit which helped the overall effect of menacing without going over the top. Finally 10 out of 10 for imagination ... men with two willies!! What next from Kendo? Add Caged to your shopping list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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