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Released: 2006 (DVD)
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Adult Made AM004
Alternate Titles
  • Creampie 2005 TVX series
Notes and Reviews

Adultmade seem to make a habit of taking on the Yanks at the harder end of the market, and here is that most unusual Britporn production, a creampie movie and with a top quality cast - although obviously with bgg scenes only one can get their pussy filled with cum.

Danny Boy has pulled Natalia and Elle Brook (not that they took that much effort) and brought them home for a shag. Natalia wears a short revealing white dress, Elle a short revealing powder blue one. Sitting on the sofa, Danny's trousers are quickly removed and while he buries his face in Natalia's boobs, Elle takes his cock in her mouth. The girls slip off their pants and there's more foreplay before Danny fucks Elle doggystyle while she licks Nat's pussy. Eventually both girls are naked. Nat takes it reverse cowgirl, Elle missionary then in doggy up the arse as Natalia licks and fingers Elle's pussy. Natalia take over the action, first in vaginal cowgirl then very deep missionary for Danny to pump into her pussy. Natalia immediately swivels her hips over Elle's face allowing Danny's cum to trickle into her mouth.

Poppy and real life hubby Darren return to their hotel room with Poppy needing a fuck. Darren is too tired so Poppy performs a short strip (she's only wearing a short red dress and matching panties) and joins him on the bed. This seems to be enough to get Darren hard - well it did me - and after some more foreplay Darren fucks Poppy spoons then Poppy fucks him reverse cowgirl. This proves too much for Darren and he explodes up his wife's cunt - well you would, wouldn't you? Poppy reaches for a martini glass that she fills from her dripping pussy and drinks with some relish. Fantastic.

Mark Mason awakes to find Caroline and Suzie Best at the foot of his bed, both in short dresses - Caroline in scarlet and Suzi in black. The girls join him on the bed, stripping to their lacy undies, and after some extensive foreplay all three are naked. While the girls are in 69, Mark fucks Suzie doggystyle. Caroline takes it in reverse cowgirl while Suzie massages her clit. Mark continues to fuck Caroline in missionary while Suzie sits on her face, but once Mark has shot his load inside, the girls swap positions so that Caroline can squirt the contents of her cunt into Suzie's face.

Dougie has phoned for a stripper to come to his hotel room but, frankly, he's booked the wrong girl cos Majella just wants to fuck. Her dress comes off in one tug and she's at Dougie's shirt and trousers straight away. Tugging her pants free she sucks Dougie's cock, then into 69 followed by sex in reverse cowgirl. More deep action in doggy and missionary on the hotel sofa before Dougie puts his load deep inside Majella who retrieves the fluid in a martini class and swallows the contents with a smile.

Ian Tate (as Chuck Loads) has the tall leggy blonde Nicole in his hotel room. Nicole strips to her black boots, lying back on the sofa spreading her long legs so that Ian can lick her pussy. Nicole returns the favour, moving through 69 to sex in reverse cowgirl. Incredibly Ian survives Nicole's grinding hips to fuck her in standing doggy before returning to reverse cowgirl on the sofa. With her long legs splayed, Ian shoots deep into Nicole's pussy, his legendary quantity of cum half-filling a cocktail glass before pouring the contents over her face.

This is top quality Britporn, technically good with the finest talent at their absolute dirtiest. Good to see established girls like Natalia, Poppy and Elle taking spunk in the pussy and cock up the arse. Even better to see relative newbies like Caroline and Nicole being equally dirty. Fans of tall, slim, leggy blondes will find these last two a pure delight, and certainly girls who should have more of their stuff released. A quality job with my highest rating.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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