< Cum Drinking Sluts R18 DVD available

Released: 2005
Director: Alan Seaman
Notes: Adult Channel / Hot Rod, formerly an Adult Channel series, not all episodes included
Alternate Titles
  • Cum Drinking Euro Babes DVD available USA, Spice Studios
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 94 mins.

The Adult Channel and Hot Rod have teamed up to produce this R18 version of the Cum Drinking Sluts episodes originally broadcast on satellite and, as the box cover makes clear, these are definitely not as seen on TV. The film has 9 of Britain's hottest all trying to impress 'Talent Agent' Karl with their cum swallowing capabilities.

Laura Hermenson is first into Karl's office. She doesn't want an interview, all she wants to do is suck dick and get fucked. Stripping, she kneels in front of Karl and wanks on his cock as she plays with her pussy. With his manhood in Laura's mouth Karl reaches down and slowly fingers her fanny. Lying back Karl rubs the head of his cock between Laura's legs, she slams her pussy down on the erect shaft. Having been shagged doggy and missionary Laura wants to taste her juices mixed with Karl's spunk. He fires his load over her mouth.

In a leopard-print top and black leather mini skirt, Angel-Long is next in the office. There is no one in when she turns up so she occupies herself giving a dildo on the desk a blow job. Karl enters to see Angel's stocking clad legs and tight black skirt bent over his desk. Angel wants to show Karl what she can do and starts to rub her pussy through her knickers. Stripped, the pair 69 on Karl's sofa, strings of saliva dripping from Angel's mouth onto Karl's cock. Turning onto her back, Angel pulls her long legs behind her head so Karl can fill her pussy, she then gets him to lie down to ride his cock reverse cowgirl, arching her back as they bonk. Having had her pussy stuffed Angel pulls at her bum cheeks and wants Karl up her arse. He rams his dick deep into her bum hole, working away till he's ready to cum. Angel wants it on her face and waits open mouthed for the jizz.

Baby turns up in a tight white top and red tartan mini skirt. She introduces herself by wanking Karl's cock into her mouth and running her pierced tongue over his balls. Karl is impressed by her boobs and gives them a quick tit fuck before getting her to bend over the desk for the real action to start. Slipping his cock to the side of Baby's white panties he humps away at her pussy. With her knickers round her knees, Baby turns to be taken missionary on the desk. The pair move to her chair where Baby climbs aboard Karl's cock, her full boobs bouncing as she slides up and down. The couple end on the floor where after a little more fucking Karl covers Baby's face.

In a tight black dress, stockings and a fur coat, Layla~Jade is late for her meeting with Karl. To try and get things back on the right track she drops to the floor, flicks her long blode hair back and starts to wank Karl's cock into her mouth with her black gloved hands. Karl is impressed, but wants to see and taste more. He runs his tongue over Layla~Jade's pussy savouring her juices then lies flat so she can ride his shaft. In a lapse of continuity, one moment Layla~Jade is nude riding Karl with her boobs swinging freely, in the next shot they are neatly tucked up in her black bra. The two roll over for the shagging to continue, then turning onto all fours Layla~Jade suggests Karl fucks her arse while she fills her fanny with fingers. Layla~Jade's lips glisten as Karl pulls out, but no time for a facial as he spays her pussy with spunk.

Ian Tate is the next applicant and with Karl out of the office Ashley Long gets the job of interviewing him. Ian tells Ashley about his spunk shooting exploits but she wants to see first hand. Lifting her skirt Ian's first exam is pussy licking and fingering and Ashley gets nice and wet during the test. Cock sucking is next, Ashley fingering her fanny as she takes Ian deep down her throat. Karl returns and decides to help out, lapping at Ashley's moist minge then easing his cock into her wet pussy as she continues with Ian. With two cocks to lick Ashley's head yo-yos from side to side, her tongue darting over the heads. The boys then take turns to fill Ashley's pussy while she sucks at the free dick to taste herself. The two are ready to come and Ashley's body and face are showered with cream.

Smartly dressed business woman Sandy Caine, in her glasses and short blonde hair, has come to sell Karl adult toys. She shows Karl a big black dildo, but why play with plastic when you can have the real thing? Sandy eases the head of Karl's cock into her mouth and begins to suck. Sitting on Karl's lap stripped down to her red underwear, Sandy feels a cock pressing on the front of her knickers. It's quickky in her cunt and she is hammering her bum against Karl's thighs. Climbing onto the desk, Sandy's pussy is probed from behind. She turns to be taken missionary, sucking on one of her toys as Karl pounds away. A little more shagging and Sandy is ready for spunk; Karl pops his load over her face.

Becky and Deb turn up at the office to tell Karl of their thirst for spunk, their only problem is so far they have only ever experienced rubber dicks. The two set about licking and fingering each other to show Karl what they mean. Soon the girls' knickers are soaking wet as they play, Becky's nipples are hard and erect as she flicks her tongue over Deb's pierced clit. Karl may have the answer, stripping he gives the pair a chance to try his cock and each takes it deep in their mouths and run their lips over the shaft. It tastes nice but how does it feel? Deb bends over to try the cock in her pussy while Becky satisfies herself wanking with a red toy and licking the pussy juice off Karl's member. Having missed out on the shagging Becky is not going to miss the cock cream. She opens her mouth wide as Karl squirts his load.

Bev Cox is the last girl to see Karl. Opening her legs she pulls two love balls out of her pussy and pops then into her mouth. That's not what Karl had expected to see. Bev says she has turned up for spunk, but Karl wants her to work for her reward. The two move to the sofa where they 69, Bev swallowing long lengths of cock while Karl feasts on damp fanny. Bev lifts her leg onto Karl's shoulder as he pushes his prick into her pussy, juices ooze out of her cunt and trickle over her bum. Mounting Karl reverse cow girl the fluids continue to flow. Bev goes down on all fours pulling her bum so Karl can enter her tight arse. He bonks her bum till he is ready to cum. Bev receives a sticky white facial.

Whilst the scenes are a couple of years old this is the first time they have been released in full hot and hard format and though short they are all good. Lets hope the Adult Channel raid their vaults and release more R18 work through next year of the same standard as Cum Drinking Sluts. Well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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