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Released: 2005
Director: Kendo
Notes: Adult Channel / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Sex Circus Extreme Spice Studios
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 89 mins.

Shot in a big top, Circus Extreme mixes fire eaters with fanny eaters, midgets and minges, jugglers and girls who just want to play with balls, all under the watchful eye of ring mistress Lolly Badcock. To add to the atmosphere Kendo surrounds the ring with an audience clapping and jeering the latex and leather clad lovelies as they perform their debauched acts.

The Doggy Boy
The first 'act' in the ring is Majella and her amazing squirting pussy. In a black buckled basque she attempts to tame the rubber wrapped doggy boy by running his 'doggy' nose over her pussy and tickling him on the tummy. Her training pays off as she slips his cock into her mouth for a good blow job then mounts his erect member. A leather-strapped guy joins the act, Majella licking his dick as she bounces on doggy boy leaving him sitting in a pool of juice. Bending on all fours the boys take turns filling her pussy before flooding her face with cum.

The Anal Virgin
Lolly licks the arse of the rubber-clad Susie Best, getting it ready for what it's about to receive. A masked Mark Slone is released from his cage and Susie is left to face him alone. Mark ravages her tits but Susie soon calms him down, jabbing her head forward with his cock in her mouth and letting him finger her arse as she wanks on his shaft. Wrapping her legs around Mark's neck she pulls his face into her fanny. When a second masked man enters the ring she runs her tongue over his cock. Leaning forward the boys push a big blue dildo deep into Susie's back passage, she groans as it is pulled out but wants to try something bigger and a larger red toy is used. Sucking the juices off the toys, Susie slips a cock up her bum and slithers up and down. Turning, she is taken doggy in the arse. Mark sprays his spunk over her back and Susie scrapes it off with her toy and licks it.

The Amazing Midget
In a purple latex dress and thigh length black boots, Emma-Louise teases Jimmy Wheel by rubbing her pussy over the bars of his cage. Sitting on his face, Emma-Louise soon discovers one part of his anatomy is totally out of scale with the rest of his body and swallows it into her mouth. Jimmy has some toys he wants to try on Emma-Louise. He pumps her pussy with the black one then gets her into the doggy position to try the red. The dildo glistens with her juices. Climbing onto Emma-Louise's back Jimmy pokes his prick into her pussy then turns her over to shag missionary. With his balls banging Emma-Louise's cunt he is ready to cum and covers her pussy in cream.

The Stretching Pussy
Lolly wants to show the crowd how far she can pull her pussy open and grabbing the lips she starts to stretch. After playing with a few toys she decides to use the ultimate stretching device - Alicia Rhodes. Alicia sucks Lolly's labia deep into her mouth to see how far they dangle. She then forces her fist into Lolly's mouth before using it between her legs. Lolly tries Alicia's pussy, tonguing it then easing five fingers into her tight cunt. It's time for the big toys. The girls start with a black double-ended dildo which they push into their pussies and thrust themselves together. Alicia pile drives Lolly with the toy as she tastes her own juices from the other end. Lolly still wants more and a gigantic black toy is produced. She wriggles and squirms as Alicia eases the dildo into her pussy, her taut lips rippling as the shaft is slipped in and out. With a scream she climaxes.

The Fat Old Bird
Lolly is looking for a volunteer from the audience to participate in the show and mature well rounded Francesca steps forward. Her task is to teach Little Joe a lesson and Francesca is more than up for it. Kneeling, she runs her hands over his leather trousers, unzipping the flies to get to his cock. It's obvious from the way she caresses and licks it she has had many years of sucking experience. Joe is released from his chains and Francesca lies down, hiking up her skirt to remove her black knickers the folds of fat fall over her fanny. She takes Joe in her mouth again and her tongue dances over his manhood as Francesca fingers herself. Joe climbs between her legs and starts to fuck, Francesca's body wobbling and rippling with each thrust. Moving up, Joe sits on Francesca's stomach and gives her a tit fuck before firing his load over her face.

The Human Spider
In her black fishnets, Roxanne is caught in the spider's web, piss trickling out of her pussy. Lolly plunges a toy into Roxanne's pussy and licks off the juices. The web trembles as the girls wank. Helicopter Man scrambles towards Roxanne and buries his face in her pussy then cuts her loose from her tangled prison. In the centre of the ring Helicopter Man pumps Roxanne's pussy with plastic, she lifts her leg so the crowd can see, then kneeling she takes the tiny todger in her mouth and attempts to stiffen Helicopter Man's resolve. Dropping on all fours and with her bum high in the air Helicopter Man does his party trick - with his cock in Roxanne's pussy he balances then spins round and round. The audience go wild. Pulling out, Roxanne opens her mouth to take his jizz.

The Grand Finale
Having seen all the acts separately, Lolly ushers them all back into the ring for the final orgy. Cocks and cunts flash as the girls suck and fuck each other and the guys. Tony James and Pascal join the mayhem, probing their pricks into the passing pussy and arses. With spunk flying the show comes to an end.

In Circus Extreme Kendo certainly has produced something out of the ordinary. The use of real circus acts mixed with the bizarre and weird mean the action never strays into the totally tasteless, but with fat ladies and midgets this is not your average film. Though very cleverly shot and choreographed, Circus Extreme may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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