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Released: 2006
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 163 mins.

For some people Country Life is a posh magazine in the newsagents, for others it's green wellies and waxed coats, but for Elle Brook and her friends it's a good hard shagging in the Cotswold hills.

Steve Hooper is looking for somewhere to pitch his tent when he meets Elle sitting on a bridge over a small stream. She knows just the place he can erect his kit and bends down to give him a blow job. Within minutes she has a mouth full of cum.

Lolly comes out of her house to find bikini clad Nicole lying on a turquoise towel in her back garden. She can stay providing she does exactly as she is told. In need of a piss, Lolly removes her yellow panties, lies back and fountains over the garden. Undoing Nicole's top, Lolly chews at her nipples as she rubs her salty pussy up her leg. She moves between the young blondes' thighs to lick at her tight fanny and arse, slipping in a finger. Nicole moans and Lolly turns, planting her damp pussy in her face. Wanting to be stretched and stuffed, Lolly crams Nicole's fingers into her fanny and gyrates violently. Out of her bag falls a dildo. Holding it in her mouth, Lolly gets Nicole to sit on her face. More toys appear and the girls go onto all fours to play, Lolly being DP'd with plastic till she screams.

On her way out of the garden, Nicole sees Steve sitting outside his tent and she joins him. The two kiss and caress, Steve's hands working their way up her legs and into her panties. With her top off, Steve licks at her boobs, then heads south to bury his tongue in her snatch. Keen to see what Steve can offer, Nicole pulls down his shorts to suck on his shaft. The pair lie in the dappled sunlight, Nicole being shagged spoons, her pale thin body banging on Steve's balls. Rolling over the humping continues doggy till Steve is ready to cum. He pulls out to coat Nicole's tits in cream.

Dougie has turned up with a tray of eggs for the house, but only Dorris (Didi) is at home. She invites Dougie into the kitchen where she slips off her red top and pins him against the units. Dorris wants more than eggs and she grabs Dougie's dick and pops it into her mouth. Dougie lifts Dorris onto the bench and his tongue and fingers set to work on her pussy, getting it nice and wet. The two climb onto the work top to 69, Dorris's boobs brushing Dougie's stomach as they suck. After riding reverse cowgirl, Dorris props herself up on a corner unit, her legs wide open ready for dick. Dougie hammers away at her moist minge. Back on the floor it's more bonking from behind, Dorris eventually crouching in front of Dougie to take his cum in her mouth.

Hanna returns from work and sees Elle sunbathing. Slipping out of her bikini she joins her on the towel. Elle give Hanna a good coating of sun tan cream and her hands linger over her pussy. The girls start to kiss and their fingers penetrate, their tongues exploring the crinkles and folds of each other's lips. 69ing, they gorge themselves on pussy, feasting their faces till they orgasm.

Elle and Hanna head out to make sure Steve is OK in the garden. They have told Jay he can also camp there if he wants. The girls sit beside the boys on their ground sheet and it doesn't take long for them to strip and start sucking. Elle takes Jay in her mouth as Hanna swallows Steve's staff. Opening her legs, Elle sighs as Jay inches his cock into her already moist hole. Steve slips into Hanna spoons. The girls swap guys, Elle riding Steve cowgirl while Hanna mounts Jay reverse. Back with their original partners, Hanna bends over to be fucked doggy and Elle pulls her arse open for Jay to enter. Steve too wants a chance to bonk Elle's bum and his balls rattle against her cunt. Ready to cum, the boys spray their loads over the girls.

Elle is surprised to find Amanda Pickering sitting in her living room swigging on a tin of lager. She claims her friend used to live in the house and refuses to leave. Dorris enters to give Elle a hand in evicting Amanda, but she won't budge. Holding her down, Elle lifts Amanda's skirt and starts to spank her bum through her blue baggy knickers. Wriggling, Amanda's tits fall out of her top as the girls smack away at her rosy cheeks, Elle cools her bum down by pouring beer over it. Dorris pushes her pussy into Amanda's face and forces her to lick as Elle shoves a double ended dong in her wet hole. Dougie the egg man turns up for his money and seeing the three thrashing about on the sofa he investigates. Dorris grabs his cock and starts to suck, then moves on to Amanda's snatch. Dougie is now in Elle's sights and the pair 69. She then slides down his body, slipping his cock in her cunt. Amanda positions herself to lap at Elle's clit as Dougie pumps her pussy, he then slowly squeezes his dick into Elle's tight arse. A quick prod of the bum hole and Dougie pulls out to spray Amanda's waiting face.

In this film Elle is breaking new ground, playing everything form the nice girl next door to the dominant butt spanking bitch, and all are performed with passion. The film is fairly well made, with decent outside shots. OK there is the odd camera wobble, but you can live with that. This is the first Film Erotica movie I have seen and hopefully there are more to follow. Worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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