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Released: 2006
Director: Steven Angelo
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Extrême Analyse DVD available Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 119 mins.

Harmony are building quite a reputation for producing high class films starring some of Europe's finest and hottest actresses in brilliant locations and The Couch is no exception. In a break from the norm, the film has four longer scenes allowing the narrative and action to develop with the couch acting as the link.

In a luxury penthouse apartment overlooking Tower Bridge, Dora Venter offers her clients therapy sessions - all of their problems seem to be sexual.

Hardly recognisable with her hair in a fringe, Isabel Ice is first on the couch. She reveals her secret... In a large candlelit room, two guys approach a box with their cocks out and open it. Isabel lies inside in a short pink dress and blue sandals. Sitting up, she grabs the boys in turn, taking their cocks into her mouth and only stopping when she reaches their balls. After sucking the dicks singly, she forces both in her mouth at the same time. Kneeling on the top of the box, Isabel has her bum spanked. Rosy finger marks appear on her buttocks as she slurps and sucks. A cock is thrust into her pussy and she is spit roasted. The boys change places. This time it's her arse that gets a pounding, leaving it gaping. Placed on the floor, Isabel pushes herself onto her shoulders to be pile driven. Stretched open with four fingers, Isabel gets both the boys up her bum. A candle is grabbed and hot wax is poured over her body. It solidifies into long thin rivers which flake off as she is fucked. When she is back in the box, the two jerk off over her, spraying Isabel's body in spunk. Then they close the lid and leave.

Poppy Morgan is next to lie back and explain her problem. Sitting on a sofa in her long red dress she sips on a glass of wine. Nikki Sun sits next to her dressed in black. The two start to kiss and Poppy pulls at Nikki's top and fondles her boobs, her hand then enters her knickers and she bends to lap at her clit. Poppy's husband (played by Olivier Sanchez) enters. She explains she can't help herself. He accepts the situation and unzips his pants for Nikki to suck on his cock. Poppy joins in, sliding his dick deep in her mouth. Olivier starts to finger both girls. As the trees lash about in the wind outside, Nikki eases Olivier into her bum. Poppy crouches to lap at his balls, squeezing them in her hand. She too wants her arse fucked. She bends over and Olivier enters her pussy then her back passage. The girls then take turns to ride the dick. Poppy lies on top of Nikki and Olivier fucks all four holes till he's ready to cum. Opening her mouth wide, Poppy catches his jizz then plops it onto Nikki's face.

Dora talks to her next client, Mark Sloan. However, it's not him who has the problem but his wife Suzie. She wants to be shagged by two cocks and it makes him feel inadequate. In her sexy red lingerie, Suzie whispers into Olivier's ear that she wants two cocks. Aroused by her words he sets about exploring her fanny with his fingers. In a green leather chair opposite, Ian Tait just stares. Suzie peels off her bra so Olivier can chew on her nipples. It makes them hard and erect. She is attracted by the bulge in Ian's pants and moves over to him. She releases his cock and runs her tongue over its length. Suzie's head bobs back and forth as she swallows the boys. Finally she forces both cocks in her mouth together. Holding herself above Ian, Suzie slowly sinks his shaft in her arse as she sucks at Olivier. Driving at her pussy she is ready for more. She groans as she is double stuffed and the two rhythmically shag her. Finally the boys spray her arse and pussy with spunk. Suzie rubs it in.

Night falls outside her penthouse windows and the lights on London glint in the river, but Dora is more interested in watching porn on the TV. Her black and silver dress is pulled up at the front and she inserts two fingers through her crotchless knickers. Jazz Duro tugs at his tool as he watches Dora wank. Moistening her fingers, she pushes them deep into her pussy and then tastes herself. Picking up a toy, she teases her clit. A liberal application of lube and both steel balls disappear into her cunt. She pulls and twists the handle, making her muscles go into spasm. Sucking a shiny jewelled butt plug, Dora turns to pop it in her hole. The red gem at the end twinkles as it catches the light. She slips a large glass dildo in her pussy. She wants her arse fucked and calls Jazz over. He slips his cock where the gem had just been - an opening still dripping with lube. Grabbing a big black dildo, Dora asks Jazz to ram it up her bum. Lube oozes out as he pushes it in. She grabs the edge of the table as he works away. With her pussy still dripping, Dora kneels to drink Jazz's cum.

A beautifully crafted film with four great scenes. From the hard and nasty Isabel to the slow and sensuous Suzie, there is something here for everyone. Top marks to the production team and great performances from all five girls. The Couch is one of the best films around at the moment and is a serious contender for film of the year.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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