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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Cathy Barry Entertainment, Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 76 mins.

Following the publicity surrounding Lea Walker it's understandable why Pumpkin released Casting Cuties 4 before this film. With Casting Cuties 3 being held back for such a long time, rather than being new faces the girls are now established stars with a string of titles under their belts. Still it's nice to see some of their early work.

In a turquoise top and skirt, Liverpudlian DJ sits amongst the sheep skin cushions on Phil's leather sofa. This naughty thirty something is hot, horny and is up for anything. She can hardly wait for Tony to appear. He joins DJ on the settee, wrestles her big boobs out of her top and starts to suck. DJ joins in, biting on her own nipples. Tony drops between her legs, slurping at her pussy through the black knickers, and she squeezes her tits as he finger fucks her. Grabbing Tony's balls, DJ swallows his dick. Her hand wanks the spit covered shaft. Tony runs his tool into DJ's cleavage, then, back in her mouth, it probes her tonsils. Lifting her skirt, DJ hammers down on Tony's manhood, her bum slapping into his stomach. She turns and her boobs bounce against his face. After a little spoons action, DJ goes down on all fours - she wants to be taken doggy up the arse. Tony bangs away at her bum, pulling out to cover it in cream. Next time DJ wants to try two cocks.

Beautician Carmen (Karmen) has come to Britain from Poland to make movies and her first stop is Phil's studio. Pascal joins her, running his hands over her white lace top as they kiss. Carmen plays with the bulge in his trousers as her tits are licked. A finger is slipped into her white knickers and into her pussy. Pascal moves to tongue her pussy lips and Carmen ends up dripping. Bending forward, her red necklace brushes against Pascal's prick as she slowly sucks it. She is ready to be fucked. Kneeling astride Pascal, she eases his cock into her pussy and as she slides down she rests her feet on his thighs. Pascal rolls Carmen over for some missionary work. Then she shifts to the end of the sofa and bends to be taken from behind. The session finishes with a little reverse riding and with Carmen's mouth filled with cum. It drips off her chin and runs down her body.

A blonde Elle sits on Phil's bed, playing with her hair as she tells of her previous jobs. She is up for taking two cocks for the first time. The scene shifts to the sofa, Pascal and Tony enter and sit at either side of Elle. The boys peel down the top of her summer dress and lap at her tits. Her turquoise panties are pulled tight into her shaven snatch by Pascal as he prepares to finger fuck her. As Elle strips, the guys drop their pants and she ends up on all fours being spit roasted. The three climb onto the bed. Elle sucks at Pascal's prick as as Tony shags her from behind. She then takes turns in riding both boys before going for the plunge. With Pascal in her pussy, Tony works his dick into Elle's arse. She moans as the two fuck her. Having been double dicked, Elle lies back and lets the two wank over her face. She massages their spunk over her tits.

Jem Stone and Laura sip wine as they prepare for their scene. Neither have done girl/girl on film before. They kiss as each unfastens the other's bra and nibble at each other's nipples. The girls start to explore each other's bodies. Laura pulls Jem Stone's knickers to one side to get to her cunt, and she cradles her tits as she is sucked and finger fucked. The girls swap roles, Laura handing Jem Stone a big pink rabbit to use on her pussy as she stretches her legs. A second toy is found under the cushion for Jem Stone's fanny. Laura works it into her tight hole. The scene ends with the two girls wanking themselves to climax.

The scenes may have been shot some time ago, but three of the four are still good, hot stuff. The only one I have reservations about is the final one with Laura and Jem Stone. Neither girl looked comfortable or happy with the proceedings. The only other slight 'downer' is the film's length. With four scenes and only 1ΒΌ hours long, a few extra minutes wouldn't have come amiss. A good film if you want to see the early work of some of Britain's favourite stars ... but not brilliant.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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