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Released: 2004?
Notes: Filmco
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The ninth in the series of this long running, specialist, hardcore film. Does this title take the biscuit (or 2 packets)? Or does it need a Gillian McKeith? (you know, the fake doctor who goes on about poo).

Our Brit girl is Denise Davies and she is in the second scene in the flick. Unlike the other scenes, in this she does not start out talking about the last time she had sex, but rather poses and moves around, caressing her body and talking about her boobs. This is also the only outdoor scene in the flick. After much caressing and jiggling, she finally gets a good seeing to by the stud in the film. Sucking him off, getting fingered and oral, having real orgasms as well as the obligatory sex and a very nice facial.

I admit to having had some trepidation before watching this film. Seeing the title it does make you wonder if it will feature women you are more likely to see waddling down your supermarket aisles or taking up two queues in McDonalds. I need not have worried. Denise Davies is very sexy indeed and I think Lea, from this year's Big Brother, may be wrong in her claim to having the biggest boobs in Britain, as our Denise certainly has one of the largest pairs of breasts I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen a few. She uses these with great skill and the sex is very hot. Wild and passionate, she takes a good hard seeing to and looks great while doing it. My only complaint with this scene, or a feature that some of you may not like, is that there are only two sex positions for Denise, so it is not very creative. But when the action is good, you don't really care for positions. For this scene on its own I'd give a 4 out of 5.

The rest of the film is very good, although one major downside is that there are only 4 scenes. However the quality of the rest of the scenes is high, with scene number 3 being one of the best porn scenes I have ever seen. The ladies are meaty but not ugly and not too over the top in their size. Only scene 4 has a girl with average looks, but she is a 19-year-old admitted slut so I think that makes up for it. The rest of the DVD is nothing special: the trailers are the same as some other titles and there is a scene selection and jump to bj's, cum shots etc. on the main menu. The US version does have a lot of ads that are impossible to skip through so be aware of that.

Some downsides, mostly technical, but some hot sex which is what counts, so I would say overall a rating of 4 out of 5.

Review by Steven Stone
November 2006

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